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Vaultskin Notting Hill Zipper Wallet

Crafted for versatility, this multi-purpose wallet is designed for your unique needs. Compact and slim, the Vaultskin Notting Hill Zipper Wallet effortlessly fits into any pocket, offering a secure zipped compartment for all your essentials. With top grain Italian leather and precision stitching, it exudes elegance and durability. The premium YKK metal zip ensures smooth operation, while the 180-degree opening provides easy access and ample capacity for cards, banknotes, and receipts.

Featuring external and concealed pockets, the Notting Hill offers organizational freedom. The self-retracting smart strap, Faraday Cage technology, and external loop for keys make it a secure and functional accessory. Embrace the freedom to organize, secure in the knowledge that this elegant wallet combines style, durability, and RFID protection in a sleek design. Available in four distinct colors.

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Ziiiro have been very active lately, just last week we showed you the cool Ziiiro Titan, an original design of the classic pocket watch, now they have presented their latest release, the Ziiiro Eclipse. On this timepiece they have taken their minimalist design to the extreme, the watch displays time on a luminous circle with two small hands indicating the hour and minutes. The Eclipse watch glows with bright illumination in the dark, and is available now in either w...
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You may recognize Giovanni Ribisi from movies like "Avatar", "Saving Private Ryan" or "Friends", he is also the face of Barton Perreira eyewear brand. After several seasons of modeling for the brand, he has agreed to launch is very own line of designs, they feature classic round frames and vintage mineral glass lenses. Perfectly suited for the sartorial and casual situations....
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CMRA Apple Watch Camera | Image

CMRA Apple Watch Camera

CMRA is a new device that adds a camera to your Apple Watch band, and lets you snap pics from the wrist. The smart band attaches to your Apple Watch like any other, but features two cameras: an 8MP front facing camera and a 2MP one that stares up at you from the strap for selfies. It can also record HD videos, has 8GB of memory to store it all, has all-day battery life, allows for video conferencing (using Glide’s watchOS app), comes with a charging dock, and is a...
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