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Vuori Cruise Boardshorts

Looking for a new pair of boar shorts for those hot summer days on the beach? Inspired by the creative and health-conscious culture of its home in California, Vuori makes comfortable boardshorts with a mix of form, function and great style. The stylish Vuori Cruise boardshorts offer more optimal movement on land, and are perfect for hot yoga, a run, SUP, surfing or cruising around town. Made with a quick drying V4 performance fabric that offers 4-way stretch and anti-odor properties, the Cruise Boardshort features side pockets with mesh pocket bags and a secret zip pocket within the pocket to safely store small items such as a credit card or a key. Available in several cool styles.

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Hyperlite Southwest 2400 Backpack | Image

Hyperlite Southwest 2400 Backpack

Specifically designed for mountain hiking, long-distance hiking, and backpacking, the Southwest 2400 Pack by Hyperlite Mountain Gear is constructed primarily with 100% waterproof Dyneema (a material that is 15 times lighter and stronger than steel, and originally used in body armor and anti-ballistic vehicle armor) Composite Fabrics which are durable, lightweight, and waterproof. The ultralight pack also includes a wide hip belt for more support and comfort, large h...
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Arvin Goods Eco-Friendly Socks | Image

Arvin Goods Eco-Friendly Socks

Arvin Goods has taken a category that is terrible for the environment - socks - and found ways to produce stylish, comfortable socks using the most responsible materials and practices possible. Their mission is to make the cleanest and most eco-friendly clothing basics on the planet. Their line of tasteful socks and underwear is made from recycled clothing and responsible materials such as recycled cotton, hemp biofiber, organic cotton, plant dyes, recycled wool, an...
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Brothers Leather Supply Company, craft quality leather goods at exceptional prices from their studio in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In their newest line, iconic meets vintage, the Tribute Series, features some beautiful products such as the Benjamin Messenger, made with natural Vechetta tanned leather, this bag will last you for the rest of your life. The two front pockets with buckles-snaps add to the vintage appeal, and inside you´ll find two...
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