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Vollebak Indestructible Hat

Vollebak is an experimental adventure brand, they manufacture clothing concepts that have never been seen or attempted before. Their latest offering is what they are calling "the indestructible hat" and is built from the strongest fibre ever made. The Vollebak Indestructible Hat is built using an Ultra lightweight Dyneema fabric, a material that is 15 times lighter and stronger than steel, and originally used in body armor and anti-ballistic vehicle armor. Constructed with magnetic storm flaps, a waterproof membrane, a Polartec fleece lining, and an outer layer which gets stronger as it gets colder, the Indestructible Hat is designed to see you through winter anywhere on Earth.

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Adidas 4D Parley Shoes | Image

Adidas 4D Parley Shoes

Parley and Adidas are back at it again and now they combine the Ultra Boost and 4D technology all into one hybrid edition. The sleek sneaker features a black knit Ultraboost base with Parley blue stitching across the upper, plus a jet black 4D-printed midsole with a signature latticed look. The black rubber outsole is constructed of Continental rubber. The knit upper is made with yarn spun from upcycled plastic waste intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal c...
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Italian micro-brand Unimatic are specialists in manufacturing minimalist dive watches, their timepieces have a sleek styling, excellent build, an affordable price, and a small production run. They strive to combine design elements from vintage and contemporary watches in order to create a perfect balance between both styles. Recently they have introduced four new models for their Modello Uno dive watch line, all are based on the same case design and really only diff...
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Need to quickly adapt your watch to what you´re wearing? Need it to match your sporty look? or more of a classic look? Covair is a new watch brand designed for those whom can´t stand wearing a watch that feels out of place with the rest of their outfit. The affordable watches boast some impressive interchangeability, you get one watch base, and several interchangeable faces and straps which can easily be rotated, based on your preferences. watch the video ...
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