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Specialized Tone Commuter Helmet

Even though everyone is aware that a helmet protects in the event of an accident, not even one in three bike riders use one. One possible explanation for this is that many models simply dont look cool. Enter the new Specialized Tone commuter helmet, a MIPS-equipped, low-profile helmet designed for everyday cyclists, which blends style and safety.

Tone redefines what a bike helmet looks like when it performs. It was carefully built for both good appearance and dependability, and features internal channels that keep the air moving as you quickly ride along in comfort, whilst an integrated fit system with Tri-fix webbing adjustment makes it simple to set your fit and get going.

Additional security is offered by the inbuilt MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) technology. Under the outer shell, there is a second movable shell that sits atop the skull. This moveable shell redirects the rotational force that results from an oblique hit. The head should receive greater defense as a result.

It also features integrated reflectors, and is compatible with the ANGi Crash Sensor . Distributed by Specialized and patented in the USA, this sensor has an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope. It can measure the forces transmitted to the helmet during an impact. It should also be able to measure the rotational force that occurs in an accident, even if the helmet is not directly affected by the impact. In connection with the Specialized Emergency App, emergency contacts can be informed and GPS data can be transmitted.

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