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TCX Street Ace Air Riding Trainer

Looking for a casual motorcycle boot that is suited for hot weather riding? The TCX Street Ace Air perforated riding trainer, might be the answer you have been looking for. The upper is cut from full-grain, perforated leather, and was specifically designed to allow air to flow through the sneaker and provide ventilation to the rider´s feet, while still providing water resistance from the top. And although they look like any other casual sneakers, they hide a spec sheet specifically designed for riding. The Street Ace Air shoes are embedded with all the safety features, including reinforced heel and toe protection, malleolus padding, and are CE certified. watch the video below

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The iconic pocket knife gets a murdered-out makeover! Victorinox has taken three of its best-selling existing blades to create a new blacked-out series christened the "Onyx Collection." The Onyx Black Signature Lite, Spartan, and Ranger Grip 55, are all treated with a "Polispectral process," in which a layer of chromium oxide is applied to produce a glossy black monochrome finish. The trio also comes with a black lanyard decorated with a black bead, and a special, m...
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EDC February 2022 | Image

EDC February 2022

In this month´s roundup series of EDC (Everyday Carry), we pick some items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist you in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern society, including possible emergency situations. Every guy could use a little more gear in his pockets, so this month we have rounded up the ultimate guide to EDC essentials for the modern and discerning gentleman. Product details below....
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Danner has introduced a new silhouette - the Logger 917, a stylish boot that pays homage to its first caulked Logger. The new Logger 917 reinterprets those vintage styles with a heritage-inspired pattern but offers modern comfort, performance, and versatility. The rugged boot also features a lightweight but durable and waterproof leather upper, a Gore-Tex liner for enhanced weather protection, a modernized stitchdown construction, a removable lace kiltie to protect ...
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