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Nike Pegasus Trail 5

The Nike Pegasus Trail 5 is your go-to shoe for transitioning seamlessly from road to trail. Featuring an ultra-responsive ReactX foam midsole, it offers soft cushioning and reduces the carbon footprint by 43% compared to its predecessor. The new rocker design ensures a smooth ride, making each step feel effortless.

Inspired by its road counterpart, the Pegasus Trail 5 boasts an engineered mesh upper with reinforced high-wear areas and strategically placed open holes for optimal breathability. Flywire technology integrates with the laces for a secure midfoot fit, ensuring premium comfort on any terrain.

The updated outsole, with less rubber for smoother transitions, features the Nike Trail All Terrain Compound (ATC) for exceptional durability and grip. An underfoot traction system provides stability on rocky paths, while additional rubber wrapped around the front enhances durability.

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