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Danner Light 40TH Boot

To celebrate four decades of using Gore-Tex, Oregon boot manufacturer Danner has released the good-looking Light 40th boot. Handcrafted in Portland, the rugged, waterproof, breathable boots, are built with full-grain leather and a 100D nylon upper. For added stability and traction, the Danner Light 40th features Vibram soles for shock absorption, and a fiberglass shank for support. Made with durable stitch-down construction, this limited-edition style retails for $390.

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Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Flint and Tinder Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Floyd Interior
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Cariuma Interior
Lowepro PhotoSport X Backpack | Image

Lowepro PhotoSport X Backpack

The new Lowepro PhotoSport X Backpack is the ultimate companion for professional photographers and videographers on intense outdoor assignments. Crafted for superior lightweight performance, this backpack is built to endure extreme conditions in mountaineering environments. Available in 35L or 45L capacities, the PhotoSport X, with its X-factor cross-functionality, excels as the best-performing sport camera bag in its range. Designed for year-round mountain activ...
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Ystudio is from Taiwan, founded in 2012. They pride themselves on keeping alive the joy of writing on a wonderful piece of paper, by making fine artifacts which can be used for a lifetime, and passed down from generation to generation. Their fine artifacts are made by the local factories in Taiwan, each item is manufactured by the scorching heat of one thousand degrees in furnace, and characterized by the masters’ hands with decades of experience....
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Garmin have announced the D2 Pilot watch, an ultra-slick, wrist-friendly GPS watch designed for pilots. It includes all the basic features on other old-school aviator watches, but offers other features gadget-hungry pilots will appreciate. You can load a flight plan on it and check GPS ground speed, GPS track, distance, estimated route time, bearing, glide ratio, and more. The wrist-sized GPS also finds the nearest airport if you need to land quickly and allows you ...
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