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Ray-Ban Corrigan Bio-Based Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban RB4397 Corrigan Bio-Based sunglasses are a remarkable blend of sustainability and style. These sunglasses represent the next generation of eyewear, where eco-friendliness meets iconic design. Crafted from bio-based acetate and recycled materials, they are a testament to Ray-Bans commitment to environmental responsibility.

What sets the Corrigan apart is its distinctive design. With angular sides, rounded bottoms, a flat top bar, and a two-hole bridge, these sunglasses exude a unique and modern appeal that sets them apart from the classics.

The color options further enhance their individuality. You can choose between a transparent brown frame with dark green lenses or a transparent grey frame with mirror dark violet/red lenses, making a bold style statement while being kind to the planet.

Grab a pair directly from Ray-Ban or from Uncrate Supply

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