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Vollebak Mars Hoodie

Vollebak - the London-based company that combines creativity and technology to create the clothes we need for an extreme future, has introduced the brand new Mars Hoodie, a piece they are saying is the most comfortable hoodie ever made. The sculptural, 3D-knitted weighted hoodie was designed to provide physical and psychological comfort for future inhabitants of the Red Planet. With a weighted feel and a multi-dimensional padded texture built with technology more conventionally used to make mattresses, this is the most comfortable hoodie ever created. Putting it on feels like climbing into bed.

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R72 Grab&Go Vest

R72 Grab&Go is a unique vest that provides an attractive, ergonomic, and life-saving solution while preparing for emergencies and adventures. The versatile vest includes 8 modular bags, a tube tent, and removable flotation liners that position people in a natural swimming position in the water while providing extra buoyancy. Simply load up the modular bags you need for your adventure or emergency on the front and back, and you are ready to go. Users can simply a...
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G-Shock GA2100-1A1

This sleek all-black G-Shock has an octagonal-shaped design inspired by the form factor of the very first G-SHOCK from 1983. The stealthy, all black timepiece features both analog and digital displays packed into a no-nonsense simple design without sacrificing G-SHOCK level toughness. It embeds the latest carbon core guard technology in a slimmer more refined case, and has an interchangeable resin strap for customisation with any outfit and occasion. It also offers ...
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Do you carry one of those horrible, hopelessly bloated wallets in your pocket? full of expired cards, bus tickets, receipts...Solution? Keep your cash and cards in a small minimal wonder called "The Moneywrap"! No zips, pockets or compartments, just a piece of leather you can close with an elastic band. Small, practical and stylish. Watch the video Also check out these other cool, minimal wallet options: - Elliot Wallet - Draught Goods Leather Wallet - The ...
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