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POC Loft Parka

The POC Loft Parka is a winter jacket that offers comfort, warmth, and protection from challenging weather conditions. The snow parka is made of an advanced multi-layer DWR treated Nylon that keeps moisture away from your skin, and a synthetic padding that contains loose fibers combining the superior insulation properties of down with the water resistance of synthetic, remaining warm even when wet. Other details include reinforced shoulder areas for durability when carrying skis, a two-way front zipper that opens easily even when wearing gloves, a secure ski-pass pocket, an adjustable hood that is large enough to be used with a helmet, a high collar with ventilation openings, and large pockets on the inside of the jacket that provide space for the gloves or ski goggles.

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Need to quickly adapt your watch to what you´re wearing? Need it to match your sporty look? or more of a classic look? Covair is a new watch brand designed for those whom can´t stand wearing a watch that feels out of place with the rest of their outfit. The affordable watches boast some impressive interchangeability, you get one watch base, and several interchangeable faces and straps which can easily be rotated, based on your preferences. watch the video ...
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A couple of years ago Ring Clock, a design project for a competition by Szikszai Gusztáv, became viral after it first went online. Well it seems that now, the concept might become a reality thanks to a indiegogo campaign. The Ring clock is an original marriage of the ring and the watch, it features three rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. It is made from stainless steel, is water-resistant, features LED lights that turn off auto...
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Taylor Stitch x Danner Ridge Boot | Image

Taylor Stitch x Danner Ridge Boot

Taylor Stitch and Danner have joined forces to create The Ridge + River Collection, featuring five adventure-ready pieces designed for both new and familiar landscapes. The collection´s centerpiece is the limited edition, made-in-USA Gore-Tex Ridge Boot, which incorporates a special panel of waxed canvas crafted by experts at Halley Stevensons in the UK, along with a vintage-inspired painted camo finish. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Danner R...
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