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Manitoba Jacket | By Canada Goose

Canada Goose is known for making jackets for extreme weather conditions, itīs the choice of cold climate scientists and expedition teams because of its reputation for durability and functionality. The Manitoba Jacket is perfect for cold city streets or a trip to the artic, it has a slim modern fit and a clean silhouette.

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Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior
PENCIL+ | Image


If you love sketching, youīll love the Pencil+, itīs a holder, extender, sharpener and eraser in one! The functional solution eliminates all sketching problems at once, it lets you use pencils until theyīre only 14mm in size, and if it breaks simply unscrew from the clasp and sharpen. If you need to correct a mistake, just use the eraser inside the cavity to clean up, and get back to writing or drawing! Available in a choice of several woods....
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Toms, more known for their shoes, announced their new product category: sunglasses. The sale of accessories will also be linked to humanitarian aid , when purchasing an item you will be offering assistance to people in need of ocular surgery. Two frame styles are available, one Wayfarer-style, one Aviator-style....
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The Nug by jHO Knives is a new contender for your everyday carry, a micro knife with a unique design and great handling. The clean, sleek and robust knife is perfect for small daily tasks and self defense, it slides around your finger, sort of like a ring, and once the blade is held properly it will never slip. It features a G5 Titanium handle that smoothly flips out a little s35VN steel blade thanks to a free ball bearing system, and locks up very securely. The Nug...
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