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Flint And Tinder Wool Shirt Jacket

Elevate your winter wardrobe with the timeless and exceptionally crafted Flint and Tinder Wool Shirt Jacket. Inspired by the rugged elegance of historic U.S. Navy CPO shirts, this heavyweight shirt jacket is a masterclass in military precision and cold-weather style. Boasting a robust wool exterior and reinforced forearm patches, it pays homage to the resilience of its naval predecessors. What sets this piece apart is its use of boiled wool, strategically condensed to create an impenetrable barrier against biting winds and sleet. With dual flap chest pockets and adjustable cuffs, every detail is authentic, reflecting the legacy of U.S. Navy shirts. Whether navigating city streets or rugged terrains, the Flint and Tinder Wool Shirt Jacket is a sleek yet substantial choice that demands respect. Experience warmth, style, and durability like never before with this sartorial salute to military heritage.

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MTM Air Stryk II | Image

MTM Air Stryk II

MTM Special Ops are a watch brand specialized in the field of military and tactical timepieces. The Air Stryk II is an elite analog digital aviation timepiece and an update to the original MTM Air Stryk model. Built from high grade titanium, the rugged durable watch offers valuable and unique functions, it is powered by premium Swiss-made quartz, and displays time/date, five alarms, global GMT world time zones, 24-hour time, chronograph, stopwatch, compass and an el...
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New Balance have just added to their Fall/Winter collection several new styles, including this good looking 996 Distinct Ski Retro, a sleek shoe that captures winter style, and is inspired by elements of retro skiing, taking cues from vintage ski jackets and sweaters. Touches of Horween leather are reminiscent of wooden skis, and the rich colors are just-right for cold days....
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For their new running shoe The Cloudstratus, On Running have introduced for the first time a dual Cloudtec system, packing another layer of their unique clouds into the midsole for extra protection. The second you kick into the run, the dual sequential cushioning system kicks in for enhanced vertical and horizontal cushioning. First, the lower layer of Clouds cushions every foot strike, keeping you in control during the powerful push off. Then, the secon...
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