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66North Hornstrandir Jacket

This expertly crafted jacket by 66North blends GORE-TEX Pro 3L with flexible panels, resulting in a robust waterproof shell that offers both protection and flexibility. Whether you are a commuter seeking the pinnacle of shell technology or a skier, climber, or mountaineer in need of top-notch gear, Hornstrandir delivers the best Iceland has to offer.

At the core of Hornstrandir lies a three-layer GORE-TEX Pro waterproof membrane with a durable nylon exterior. This rugged outer layer is strategically reinforced at the shoulders and elbows, with added flexibility provided by GORE Pro stretch panels along the sides of the torso. Four generously-sized pockets feature weather-resistant zippers to safeguard your essentials. Customized fit is easy to achieve thanks to adjustment points on the hem, cuffs, and a helmet-compatible hood.

While Hornstrandir is true to size, it is uniquely tailored to cater to the requirements of mountain enthusiasts and adventurers. The torso has an extended rear, the hood is designed to accommodate a helmet, and the cuffs boast a longer hem than the standard jacket.

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