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Weekend Bags

When the occasion calls for light packing, you will need a compact, practical bag that can fit all your essentials and be easily carried. We have rounded up some of our favorite bags(to fit every budget) for a weekend getaway. More details and photos after the jump.

1.  Civvy Kit Bag (Black) | by Goruck, $175 | BUY
2. Mats Boston Bag LARGE, by Property Of  $225 More Details | BUY
3. Nomadic Pack, by VSTR $395 More Details | BUY
4. Weekender bag | by Killspencer, $475 More Details | BUY
5. Handstitched Leather overnight bag, $1,099 | BUY
6. Monolith Duffel Bag, by Heimplanet $189 More Details | BUY
7. BAD Duffel Bag, $104 | BUY
8. Leather Duffle Bag | by Lotuff $965 | BUY
9. Duffaluffagus Bag | by Poler, $80 More Details | BUY

weekend-bags-2.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-3.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-4.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-5.jpg | Image

Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


This season Wings + Horns presents not one but two collections: Archive and Research. Archive consists of built to last basics while Research showcases the companys talent for reshaping the rugged military aesthetic. Accessible and sophisticated this is the most captivating W+H presentation yet....
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K-Way Claude 3.0 Jacket | Image

K-Way Claude 3.0 Jacket

K-Way Claude is the original packable jacket, it was created back in 1965. Now, more than half a century later, K-Way’s giving their original jacket an upgrade. The Claude 3.0 is as packable as ever with new Ripstop fabric thats tougher and more breathable, and it still comes at a price that won’t wipe out your rainy day fund. The 100% waterproof rain/wind jacket is as convenient and portable as it is resistant to the elements. Available in several colors. ...
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Tech Dopp Kit by This is Ground was thought with traveling arrangements in mind. It´s a fact we all love to travel, one of the things we do love is to make all the preparations and planning the trip arrangements require…thinking about what you´ll need and organizing everything is almost just as fun as the trip itself. Tech Dopp Kit is the perfect add on for all your tech peripherals and more, a luxury pouch that has loads of dedicated small places to arrange your ca...
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