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Weekend Bags

When the occasion calls for light packing, you will need a compact, practical bag that can fit all your essentials and be easily carried. We have rounded up some of our favorite bags(to fit every budget) for a weekend getaway. More details and photos after the jump.

1.  Civvy Kit Bag (Black) | by Goruck, $175 | BUY
2. Mats Boston Bag LARGE, by Property Of  $225 More Details | BUY
3. Nomadic Pack, by VSTR $395 More Details | BUY
4. Weekender bag | by Killspencer, $475 More Details | BUY
5. Handstitched Leather overnight bag, $1,099 | BUY
6. Monolith Duffel Bag, by Heimplanet $189 More Details | BUY
7. BAD Duffel Bag, $104 | BUY
8. Leather Duffle Bag | by Lotuff $965 | BUY
9. Duffaluffagus Bag | by Poler, $80 More Details | BUY

weekend-bags-2.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-3.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-4.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-5.jpg | Image



With the world embracing technology in a mad frenzy, there is more typing and clicking happening than writing with a pen. Taiwanese designers Ystudio pride themselves on keeping alive the joy of writing on a wonderful piece of paper, by making fine artifacts which can be used for a lifetime, and passed down from generation to generation. Their beautiful stationary collection is made from pure copper and brass, with a simple, minimalist design combined with elegant, ...
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Human Time Project have presented their new watch, the Naval Rider, created for those that enjoy the true meaning of adventure. The watch is equipped with a 50mm, IP Black coated Stainless Steel case with Miyota quartz movement. It features a beautiful grey "vintage" leather strap. Only 150 to be made, so hurry with your order. Human Time Project have come a long way since they started, the company as you may know was created to give wrist watches to...
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STABILicers are useful ice cleats for strapping over your shoes/boots to help you keep firm over icy surfaces. Designed for passionate winter enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities in heavy ice and snow, the STABILicers are easily attached over your footwear with Velcro fasteners and feature a flexible sole providing comfort and traction. They are perfect for slippery surfaces while hiking, fishing, or any outdoor activity. ...
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