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Vintage Tote Bag | By Whipping Post

Our friend Ryan Barr from Whipping Post has added a new product to the line of vintage bags. The stylish Vintage Tote Bag is as Ryan calls it "the Swiss army knife of bags", a bag everyone should have, a bag with so many uses, whether your´re going to the market, to work, or a weekend trip, this is a bag you can just trough your stuff in and go. Because it´s so versatile and created for daily use, the unisex bag is made from great quality, long lasting materials that age beautifully.

Other great products we have featured by Whipping Post:
- Vintage Leather Guitar Case 
- Vintage Messenger Bag
- Guitar Pick Wallet

whipping-post-vintage-tote-bag-2.jpg | Image

whipping-post-vintage-tote-bag-3.jpg | Image

whipping-post-vintage-tote-bag-4.jpg | Image

whipping-post-vintage-tote-bag-5.jpg | Image

Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Flint and Tinder Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior
LTHR Supply T1 Watch | Image

LTHR Supply T1 Watch

LTHR Supply are a Boston design studio looking to bring high-quality watchmaking back to their home city, they have a passion for minimalist, unconventional design, clean lines, unexpected details and timeless charisma. Their T1 Watch is a classic analog timepiece with an unconventional and innovative numerical readout like you’d see on a digital watch. It has three, rotating dials that display the hour, minute and seconds. Rather than multiple han...
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Filson Carry-On Suitcase | Image

Filson Carry-On Suitcase

Seattle outdoor outfitter Filson have introduced a rugged carry-on, the new workhorse of their luggage collection. The durable construction consists of rugged abrasion-resistant nylon canvas, a reinforced second layer at the bottom, and an extending handle. The two-wheeled carry-on features nylon webbing compression cinch straps to help keep things tight, and heavy coil zippered front and back pockets that offer extra storage for important items. It is sized to meet...
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Snow Peak has partnered with Toned Trout, a fishing apparel brand, for their latest collaboration. The collection, which includes outerwear, pants, shorts, and casual t-shirts, comes in black, gray, goldenrod, and white, making it perfect for both the outdoors and the city. The standout piece from the collaboration is the Game Vest, which is both waterproof and tear-resistant. The vest also features dual bust flap pockets, a mesh body, dual mesh bust pockets, dual l...
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