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Tego Modular Travel Bag

So lets just say you are a photographer and you need to organize all that tech: chargers, cables, memory cards, dongles and doodads. And since no trip is the same.... it might be handy to be able to customize your carry bag. What is the solution? Tego. Just swap out the sections you need. This versatile piece has a modular style design that allows you to create the perfect adventure kit. It lets you mix & match 7 unique sections to create the ultimate bag for any occasion, effortlessly adapting to carry toiletries, chargers, gear, tools and life’s other small essentials. Simply slide on, slide off, interchange, and rearrange your travel kit to build exactly what you need. watch the video below

tego-modular-travel-bag-1.jpg | Image

tego-modular-travel-bag-2.jpg | Image

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Vollebak is an experimental adventure brand, their products help athletes push their physical and cognitive limits in new and unimagined ways. The innovative Vollebak Relaxation Jacket is built for the high-pressure waiting periods in adventure sport and expeditions when you need to relax, recover or simply shut the world out. Designed with a hood that can zip completely shut, the sweater is designed to calm you down, like a wearable tent. Built using an insula...
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Oakley have teamed up with Intel for their latest release, the Radar Pace, a voice activated virtual coach that gives you real-time data and guidance while you train. The glasses have Oakley´s signature shield aesthetic, and are equipped with Bluetooth, headphones, speakers and a microphone. Together with the accompanying app they form an interactive and compelling workout companion, fit for both lay and competitive runners and cyclists. You can also play music fro...
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EDC January 2018 | Image

EDC January 2018

In this month´s roundup series of EDC (Everyday Carry), we pick some items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist you in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern society, including possible emergency situations. Every guy could use a little more gear in his pockets, so this month we have rounded up the ultimate guide to EDC essentials for the modern and discerning gentleman. ...
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