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Slot Canyon Packs

SLOT is a new technical desert brand born in the arid heartland of Moab, Utah. Every product they make was created to meet the unique demands of the desert. Their Canyon Pack Collection results from 7 years of tireless design and testing, and is built to meet the demands of the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the desert. They set out to create a line of packs that would change the way we move through the desert and hold up to the constant beat-downs the sandstone, cactus, sand, and heat put on our gear daily. After over 14 iterations, countless hours of testing and tweaking, and a new patent-pending rope management system, they have a line of packs ideal for every day in the desert. All packs are made from a highly abrasion-resistant, nontoxic tarpaulin and 1,000-denier polyester coated on both sides to achieve 850gsm waterproofness.

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Vinovest interior
Nixon Interior
Cariuma Interior
Floyd Interior
Nike Adapt BB | Image

Nike Adapt BB

Nike has officially introduced its first self-lacing basketball shoes, the Adapt BB! Now available for pre-order, the high-tech sneaker will have the ability to be customized to each particular wearer´s fit, coming in three separate modes – one for the game, one for the warm-up, and one for the streets. Players will have the ability to quickly loosen (or tighten) their sneakers during a game. You can control its power laces manually via physical buttons on the sh...
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Harber London MacBook Sleeve | Image

Harber London MacBook Sleeve

Harber London are crafters of handmade leather goods, they keep their designs as simple as possible, while ensuring that each product is truly remarkable and functional. Using the most exclusive and superior materials available, their products are simple, good looking, and aesthetically minimalistic. Handmade in Spain, the elegant Harber London MacBook Sleeve features an exterior crafted in full-grain vegetable-tanned leather (a material that ages beautifully), and ...
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Nike have just released a camo version of one of their most successful models of all time, the legendary Air Max 97. It was named "Italian Camouflage” because it is based on the dark Italian military camo. We are aware these are a premium release and are reportedly a Slam Jam exclusive, get in quick, these will surely fly off the shelves. via...
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