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HMG Crux 40 Ski Mountaineering Pack

Cody Townsend, renowned for his ski mountaineering adventures, collaborated with Hyperlite Mountain Gear to create the Crux 40 Ski Mountaineering Pack. Crafted from durable Dyneema fabric, this ultralight pack boasts strategic reinforcement to withstand sharp edges from skis and ice tools. It offers easy access with a zippered back panel and features three internal sleeves for avalanche gear. The pack also includes pockets on the removable lid and hip belt for small essentials. Designed for rope usage during skiing, the Crux 40 combines Codys expertise with HMGs innovative engineering. This versatile pack caters to technical ski mountaineering, offering a blend of functionality and durability. With a weight of 44 ounces and a load capacity of 50 pounds, the Crux 40 retails for $499 on Hyperlite Mountain Gears website.

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Alpaka creates hand-crafted products that are inspired by the multi-faceted lives of modern times. Minimal and made for urban life, but also durable and versatile enough for short outdoor adventures, their toned down carry goods perfectly combine form and function, thriving both in urban and outdoor environments. Head over to their website for a look at their minimal and sleek slings, pouches, messengers, and backpacks. And for every purchase, they will plant 1 tree...
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Goruck MACV-2 Boots | Image

Goruck MACV-2 Boots

Introducing the Goruck MACV-2 Boots, an evolution of the Vietnam-era jungle boot with modern upgrades. Designed by former special operator Richard Rice, these boots are built tough for Special Forces soldiers and adventurers alike. The MACV-2 features an all-new outsole for unmatched traction and support, perfect for those on their feet in any terrain. With a triple-compound rubber outsole and waterproof leather upper, these boots offer exceptional protection agains...
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This is Mission Workshops new Waterproof Field Jacket called The Eiger. The jacket is Mission Workshops take on the classic military field jacket updated with all the modern advantages of technical outerwear. True to its heritage, this field jacket is equipped with the traditional four-pocket front and is modernized with two internal media pockets, and a large cycling-style rear stowage compartment. The Eiger covertly provides complete protection from rain, wind, an...
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