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Heimplanet Transit Line

The new Transit Line by Heimplanet is a set of carrying items designed with the modern concept of modern life in mind. Our day to day life is becoming more complex with a lot intertwining contexts and hybrid lifestyles that sometimes blend work, leisure, travel and commuting, so it all becomes blurry and we’re not so sure of how we could equip ourselves for these challenges. Heimplanet came up with this set so you wouldn’t have to worry anymore about it, this set is all you’ll need to get you through the different moments of your life. Comprised of a sling pocket for easy carrying of smaller and more important items, a rolltop messenger bag for your everyday missions with a PC pocket included, and a bigger travel pack for traveling longer journeys. The sleek collection was designed with a minimal understated look in a black matt finish and features high standards of craftsmanship that will ensure durability and user friendliness. Be sure to check it out. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Warby Parker have just launched the Circuit Collection, some minimalist summer frames inspired by grand prix motor racing. The newest range of lightweight Japanese titanium sunglasses is inspired by the shapes of Grand Prix tracks and vintage wire frames. These Circuit frames manage to be both modern and classic, with three styles to choose from, and available in a range of colorways. ...
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The iQ Flipper | Image

The iQ Flipper

With its modern design and rugged construction, The iQ is the flipper you want to take on the everyday. It is an EDC knife that is aesthetically refined like a gentleman yet handles tasks like a beast. It is made to go everywhere, for everyone, an everyday knife designed to take around town...
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FLORIJN is a new Dutch watch brand. The FLORIJN dive watch, from case to dial, is of typical Dutch Design, with clear lines, and is both simple and powerful. The end result is a no-frills timepiece, with clean lines and excellent functionality, a comfortable, affordable and reliable dive watch. Besides the appealing design the watch is made from high quality materials, has ergonomic comfort and carefree use. More details after the jump...
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