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Freeride Backpack For Photographers

This concept backpack was a Semester project by Hans Christian Berge for freeride skiers and photographers. He explored the possibilities on how to keep the photography equipment safe, and at the same time provide stability and support for the skier. We think it looks awesome, shame it isnĀ“t in production...

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Everyday Carry

Discover the latest and most innovative EDC (everyday carry) essentials of the month in our curated collection. From versatile multi-tools to cutting-edge gadgets, we have got you covered with the best gear to enhance your daily life. Whether you are a seasoned EDC enthusiast or new to the concept, these finds are sure to pique your interest and elevate your everyday carry game....
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Naglev and their six-generations-worth of shoemaking experience are industry leaders when it comes to forward-thinking footwear. Their latest offering combines the support of a hiking boot with the agility of a trail runner, and is crafted from a single piece of wraparound Kevlar. The Naglev Vulcano features an upper that completely wraps the lining and all the structural elements, including the sole lugs that make up the shoe, gaining  resistance, improved fit...
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Huckberry Finds

Get ready to explore an exclusive range of top-notch apparel and travel gear, handpicked just for you and your adventurous spirit this month at Huckberry. We have joined forces with Huckberry once again to bring you a carefully curated collection of innovative products that will elevate your gear game. Whether you are gearing up for outdoor adventures or simply want to stay stylish, we have got everything you need. From trail-ready essentials to fashion-forward piec...
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