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Evergoods Crossover Backpacks

Evergoods is a new brand by Goruck´s co-founder Jack Barley, and Patagonia´s advanced R&D lead, Kevin Dee. With a combined 20 years of experience developing kickass outdoor gear, the guys have now crafted some of the most handsome crossover bags we’ve ever laid eyes on. Designed for urban dwellers who also lead active lifestyles, the versatile and ergonomic USA-made bags can be just as useful exploring the world as they can be commuting to work in the city. Two bags are currently available, the Civil Panel Loader ($199) is a 24-liter versatile commuter pack designed to keep you on the move with all your gear securely stowed away, and the Mountain Panel Loader ($229), a 30-liter adventure-ready daypack, built to handle the most rugged adventures and perform in everyday carry alike. Both packs are made of highly weather and abrasion-resistant nylon, and sport a GORUCK-inspired velcro patch point.

Both bags are available now with a discount price at Huckberry

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Ottomila are a small boutique brand based in Brooklyn, NY. They make simple, high-quality eyewear thats entirely hand-crafted in Italy with an obsessive approach to detail, quality, and form. The vintage style 8M1 is inspired by the mountaineers of the 1930’s and features a classic round shape, a stainless steel light weight frame with genuine leather end tips, and glass filter army green lenses. Limited to 8,000 units, each product is marked with a serial number. ...
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SEVENTY2 Survival Kit | Image

SEVENTY2 Survival Kit

They say the first 72 hours after a disaster are the most critical, and what you do in those first 72 hours can mean the difference between life and death. With that in mind, the guys over at Uncharted Supply Co. developed the SEVENTY2, a complete survival kit with everything you need to make it through an emergency. It comes complete with 30 high-quality products designed to work together to protect you in thousands of situations, first aid, food rations, water fil...
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