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Day Tripper Bag | By Teranishi

Teranishi is a recent brand by Teppei Teranishi, he creates beautiful handcrafted leather goods, designed in-house and crafted in traditional methods. The highlight of the collection has to be the "Day Tripper", part weekender bag, part tote, part briefcase. The bag is entirely handcrafted from start to finish and is available in four choices of leather combinations.

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teranishi-day-tripper-3.jpg | Image

teranishi-day-tripper-4.jpg | Image

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
ChowPal | Image


ChowPal may well become your favorite multitool when you head into the wild. When backpacking out into the wilderness, packing light is essential for a successful adventure, this ingenious all-in-one utensil by Outdoor Edge is exceptionally light and flat making it perfect for your pack, without creating bulk or weighing it down. The functional stainless steel multitool features not only eating utensils, but comes with essentials like a bottle opener, a wrench, and ...
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This isnít an ordinary slingshot, it shoots prey with futuristic pinpoint accuracy thanks to the laser sight with flashlight! It is not only a slingshot, it can also be used as a bow and arrow launcher using the included attachment. The powerful slingshot also has a spring mechanism to amp up the power of your shots, and is equipped with a pistol grip for steady, comfortable aiming. Each shipment includes a total of four high-strength heavy bands, two for initial us...
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Crash baggage has a "handle without care" travel philosophy. The creative luggage already has the typical worn look and dents that are caused by frequent use, and like itís already been tossed around a few times by airport personal. Over time, the new dents give even more personality to the suitcase and eliminate the fear of seeing your precious new bag come out all battered. Well at least it sure makes it easier to spot....
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