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The James Brand Od Green + Orange Collection

Introducing the James Brand OD Green + Orange Collection, a range of meticulously crafted tools and knives that seamlessly combine outdoor inspiration with everyday functionality. Building upon the enduring popularity of their OD Green + Black, this collection takes it a step further by incorporating vibrant orange accents across the brands best-selling styles: the Redstone, the Folsom, and both sizes of the Carter. The collections design is an ode to the great outdoors, featuring the timeless appeal of OD Green as a base color. The addition of striking orange accents adds a touch of vibrancy and visual interest, making these tools truly stand out.

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Tropicfeel Interior
Vinovest interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior
Banner Selfmade Interior
Floyd Interior


The Persol Clip-On Shades collection, consists of two models of glasses that come with clip-on shades. The 60s inspired, vintage style, clip-on sunglasses, come in numerous color combinations of frames and lenses. They are the perfect solution for reading, proper vision and protecting your eyes from extreme sunlight....
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Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee | Image

Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee

With adventurers in mind, Proof have created a performance tee that can be worn for 72 hours straight without showing any signs of wear or odor. Built from the softest and strongest merino on the market, this premium tee has a stylish cut that combines comfort with technical performance, and is able to wick moisture, resist odors, and regulate temperature. All while boasting unmatched comfort and looking crisp. Your new secret weapon for hassle-free travel is now av...
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The James Brand x Heimplanet Chapter Knife | Image

The James Brand x Heimplanet Chapter Knife

Two of our favourite brands have collaborated on this gorgeous single-blade folder that is perfect for all of your outdoor adventures. Heimplanet teamed up with The James Brand for this version of their flagship knife, the Chapter. It is limited to just 100 units and features a S35VN blade steel, a tanto blade shape, ceramic bearings, and a custom laser-etched version of HeimplanetĀ“s Cairo Camo geometric grid pattern for enhanced grip. Also included is the Heimplan...
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