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Military Style

Recently we have featured some military stuff that has been very popular... Today we decided to round up some of the coolest military products, from bags, wear and accessories. Check out some more photos and product details below... 

1. Fast Pack EDC, by TAD $325 More Details | BUY
2. Timex Expedition Camper Watch, More details | BUY
3. New Stealth Hoodie LT, by TAD $475 More Details | BUY

4. New Balance X Ball and Buck $148 | BUY
5. The Man Tie, by Goruck $65 More Details | BUY

6. Survival Bands More Details | BUY | amazon

7. Duffaluffagus Camo Bag, by Poler $79.95  More Details | BUY
8. Nike Air Force 1 Military More Details | BUY | Europe

9. Lum-Tec Combat B16, $925 More Details | BUY

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Taylor Stitch


22 Degrees Ocean Jacket is a technical option for those who are usually on the seashore lines or around maritime environments and have to withstand strong winds and water breaking on you. With a thin neoprene upper layer itíll work as a windbreaker, a sun stopper, and ensure impermeability while maintaining flexibility to let you move easily. It will also keep you dry and warm even in the worst conditions. Because itís thin itíll also rinse up and dry quickly to mak...
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Lifepack Carry-On Closet | Image

Lifepack Carry-On Closet

Traveling is generally a nice event in oneís life, but even when itís for leisure and not a business trip, there is normally a lot of hassle with the packing ritual that can be a serious nuisanceÖ especially if youíre one of those who are borderline OCD and have to get everything really well organized. So here to help is the Solgaard Lifepack Suitcase, its main feature is an integrated shelving system that greatly enhances organization and shows you exactly where yo...
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Shinola have collaborated once again with the Benchmade Knife Company to create another stunning pocket knife.. After first joining forces on the beautiful Custom 485 Valet Pocket Knife, both teams are back at it again with this brilliant collaboration. Officially named the Shinola & Benchmade Titanium 765 Pocket Knife, this sleek EDC item is offered in an exclusive black colorway with a black diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) that provides each piece with extre...
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