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July 2023 Finds On Uncrate Supply

This month of July has brought some exciting finds to Uncrate Supply, where quality meets aesthetics, and utility meets style. From EDC gear to urban clothing, tools to objects of desire, they have it all. The items in this months roundup are no exception and stand out for their craftsmanship, design, and functionality. And nine times out of ten they will be black. This month we highlight some of our favorite products where you can expect an elevated tier of craftsmanship and distinction alike.

This watertight and dustproof box is designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, ensuring the safety of your belongings. Its interior features a rubber liner that serves as both a protective layer and an o-ring seal, keeping your valuable items like smartphones and sunglasses safe from water and moisture.
BUY | $28

Embraced by nature enthusiasts, Vibrams FiveFingers evokes the sensation of walking barefoot, with a distinctive design that sparks both admiration and debate. Now, in a collaboration with Suicoke, they have unveiled a sleek all-black iteration.
BUY | $220

Designed with a dedicated focus on diving, the Seiko Prospex SNE567 embodies a no-nonsense approach to functionality. Encased in durable stainless steel, its matte black finish adds a lightweight protective layer, while its generous 46.7mm diameter ensures impressive water resistance up to 200m, meeting the rigorous ISO standards for scuba diving.
BUY | $450

This remarkable single-person tent that can be set up in as little as 15 seconds. It features an external airframe constructed from durable polyester and TPU, ensuring exceptional strength and stability. The tent also includes a water-repellent nylon 420D bed sheet and a Polyester mesh inner tent for added comfort.
BUY | $995

Handcrafted with care, these sunglasses boast a square acetate frame that exudes vintage charm, accentuated by the iconic silver arrow emblem of the brand. Experience unparalleled comfort with the patented Meflecto stem system, while the crystal lenses deliver exceptional protection and optical clarity.
BUY | $291

Engineered with reinforced triple stitching, the Klik belt surpasses all others as the ultimate tactical belt on the market. Trusted by military personnel for years, it boasts a 1.5-inch wide double-layered webbing that effortlessly threads through the belt loops of any pants.
BUY | $69

From kickoff to overtime, this 20-quart cooler will keep your beverages refreshingly cold throughout the festivities. Meticulously crafted in the USA, the robust cooler boasts a tall design capable of accommodating up to 15 cans or 4 bottles of wine in an upright position, thanks to the optimal 2:1 ice ratio.
BUY | $200

This award-winning device, honored with the prestigious 2022 German Design Award, is specifically designed for runners. It features a lightweight housing and an adjustable band for a comfortable fit. Equipped with a powerful 225-lumen LED light, the Monocle offers multiple operating modes and allows stemless angle adjustment, enabling precise illumination where needed.
BUY | $55

This compact multitool is designed to be conveniently attached to your keyring, offering a wide range of functionalities. With over a dozen wrenches (both imperial and metric), a bottle opener, hex sockets, and Phillips and flathead bits, it has all your essential tools covered.
BUY | $39

Engineered with a T700 carbon fiber face and a choice between a 13mm or 16mm honeycomb polypropylene core, this paddle offers versatility in its feel. The 16mm core provides a softer touch, while the 13mm core delivers increased power.
BUY | $180

Streamline your daily essentials with the Craighill keychain. Crafted from a brass wire in a unique helix shape, this keychain features finely turned end caps. The knurled side can be effortlessly unscrewed, allowing you to conveniently add or remove keys as needed.
BUY | $32

This flashlight with a sleek and flat body has an OLED display that provides real-time information on voltage, remaining charge, and the output level of the impressive 3,000 lumens beam, which can reach distances of over 720 feet.
BUY | $90

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Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
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Flint and Tinder Interior
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Modern mechanical watchmakers Ressence have presented their latest masterpiece, the first mechanical watch with a smart crown. Ressence Type 2 is the ultimate travel watch, you can use two time zones and switch between them by tapping the dial. It features the brand´s signature curved 45mm case that is 12mm thick and made of anthracite PVD titanium. The unique dial layout features nested orbital discs, and a set of shutters that open when the power is low...
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Vollebak continue their popular 100 Year Range with the introduction of the ultimate rugged ski pants. Built from a Swiss-built membrane that contracts in the cold to retain warmth, and opens up in the heat to disperse sweat, the rugged 100 Year Ski Pants can withstand ferocious blizzards, icy chairlifts and high speed falls, are waterproof (with a waterproof rating to 43,000mm), and have the breathability and stretch to comfortably get you through any mountain adve...
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The Scree Outdoor Backpack by Mystery Ranch is a versatile midsize daypack that perfectly balances outdoor adventures and urban pursuits. This backpack holds 32 liters of gear, providing ample space for multiple hydration reservoirs, a change of clothes for two days, and even larger tools like trekking poles or ice gear, thanks to its adjustable exterior tool loops. Pack it to capacity without hesitation. With densified urethane foam in the shoulder pads and an adju...
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