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January 2024 Workstation

As the landscape of work continues to evolve, an increasing number of individuals are adopting remote work as a way of life. Crafting an efficient and organized home workstation has become a top priority for many. In this quest for the perfect desk setup, we delve into the realm of gear that not only elevates functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. Our focus is on curating products that foster an ergonomic and clutter-free environment, seamlessly blending into a minimalist design.

Enjoy immersive sound with a down-firing woofer and clear audio through digital signal processing. The stylish oval satellite speakers can be placed horizontally or vertically to suit your space. Manage everything with the Bluetooth-enabled wireless control dial, allowing you to adjust bass and volume, skip or pause tracks within a 20-meter range. 

The Orbitkey Nest serves as a dedicated space for your daily necessities—an adaptable and portable desk organizer equipped with a built-in wireless charger. This stylish workspace valet conceals some clever features, functioning not only as a desk organizer but also as a wireless charging pad and a compact travel organizer—all seamlessly integrated into one.

Revolutionize the way you charge your devices with Stand, featuring an integrated array of robust magnets and dependable charging capabilities. Its sophisticated metal frame and high-quality glass panel add a touch of style to any desktop or bedside table.

Bose elevates its QuietComfort headphones with the QuietComfort Ultra. Redesigned for unrivaled sound quality and industry-leading active noise cancellation, these headphones debut Bose's Immersive Audio technology for spatial audio. With features like enhanced noise cancellation, CustomTune sound calibration, and up to 18 hours of battery life, the QuietComfort Ultra offers a captivating audio experience. 

This high-performance external HDD, available in capacities up to 2TB, is designed to empower gamers who seek to enhance their console or PC capabilities. Save your game library on-the-go and maintain your competitive edge with this top-tier storage solution.

This innovative monitor stand and desktop organizer reduces clutter and introduces shadowless lighting for a serene workspace. The patented cable management system supports up to 14 devices, keeping wires hidden. The unibody design, crafted from steel and aluminum, ensures durability.

The EDGE Pro Core presents a sleek and stylish metal arm designed to function as a tablet and phone holder. When used independently, it ensures your devices are positioned at an optimal height and angle, promoting maximum productivity.

The James Brand has collaborated with the vinyl subscription service "Vinyl Me Please" to craft the ideal instrument for delicately slicing open your new records and various other tasks. A versatile and compact cutting tool for multiple purposes.

Meticulously fashioned from a single aluminum block, the Grovemade Desk Pen showcases unmatched precision and durability. Its solid, one-piece construction ensures a lifetime of resilience, complemented by a robust anodized finish for added protection and an enhanced aesthetic allure.

Capture the thrill of the cockpit in your home or office with the Altimeter Wall Clock. Resembling a magnified altimeter, this clock is a practical timekeeping device that introduces a hint of aviation charm to your surroundings.

ChargeKey is the perfect charging solution for today's on-the-go lifestyle. With a robust braided cable and zinc cable tips that magnetically connect, ChargeKey maintains a sleek and minimal appearance on your keychain while keeping all your Lightning devices powered up.

The Gallery Task Light is a versatile companion for your bedroom or office. Easily adjust it to provide focused lighting for screen time or create an ambient atmosphere by pointing it upward.

A collaboration between two companies dedicated to crafting exceptional tools for your workspace has given rise to this unique pencil kit. Featuring custom-designed minimalist pencils and a stand that goes beyond mere display, it incorporates integrated sharpening, tip-protection, and an aesthetic designed to keep you inspired.

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The HCK1 Hood Camp Knife by Columbia River Knife and Tool, is a large fixed blade that is built to handle all the chores at your base camp. Made from a solid billet of 1095 high carbon steel, the HCK1 has a flat grind and durable clear Cerakote coating that will keep you cutting backstraps for years. It also features a multi-layer G10 handle that gives a confident grip, and a bright orange paracord lanyard that helps you keep track of the knife. The HCK1 also comes ...
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Taylor Stitch have presented this finely crafted sweater, perfect for chilly days down by the dock or your next dinner party. Made with a blend of Merino Wool (95%) an odor resistant, temperature regulating and naturally breathable material, combined with the other-worldly softness of Cashmere (5%), the Rangeley Sweater is a stylish, slim fit layer ready for any season and any occasion. If you act fast, you can get your hands on one for the early bird pr...
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Multi-Tool Belt Buckle | Image

Multi-Tool Belt Buckle

We have seen all kinds of multi-tools, but nothing as the SOG Sync II, a functional EDC item designed to easily be worn with the detachable base as a belt buckle or simply clipped on a pack strap or boot. The wearable belt buckle comes with an impressive array of 12 tools, including pliers, a bottle opener, a file, crimpers, two screwdrivers, a ruler, a knife, and more… It stays locked and secure on a detachable base when not needed, and can be conveniently remove...
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