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January 2017 Finds On Huckberry

It´s that time of the month that we update our custom, curated BTS Shop on Huckberry, a shop that hooks you up with the coolest apparel and travel gear for an active lifestyle, along with some interesting stories and original content. Check out our new curated list of some of the coolest products and deals available this month of January on Huckberry. Details below.

Both Topo Designs and Woolrich strive to provide the highest quality, most functional products with the ultimate in comfort built right in. For their latest collaboration, Topo incorporated Woolrich’s legendary wool into their legacy pieces in a collection of essential packs and sacks.
$249 | BUY

Designed in collaboration with Taylor Stitch, these puppies keep on your feet, and keep them dry at that thanks to 15-ounces of Genuine British Ventile, paired with a gusseted tongue and a Herringbone grip outsole. Seriously durable, waterproof, and comfortable, the Mariner Boot wont slip on the deck and can hold its own at the bars too.
$178 | BUY

Billykirk makes leather and canvas goods that are designed not only to last you a lifetime, but also to get better and better with every step along the way. Their key ring Bottle Opener has a slim profile to fit right in with your keys and will come in handy time and time again.
$25 | BUY

Alex Bottle is perfect for smoothies, powder drink mixes, oatmeal and even doubles as a cocktail shaker. The easy-to-clean bottle unscrews into two pieces with Clean Seam Technology, and features a removable silicone sleeve to protect it from dents. It unscrews into two pieces with Clean Seam Technology, allowing you to clean the bottle thoroughly and easily so you know there’s nothing living on the bottom of your bottle.
$27 $32 | BUY

Combining their love of the outdoors with engineering knowhow, the Exotac team strives to design extraordinary, high-quality and unique outdoor and urban gear. The MATCHCAP is a nearly indestructible waterproof match case for storing matches and other fire-starting material.
$22 $24 | BUY

Equipped with a windproof outer layer and insulated to retain warmth, the Flexible Insulated Shirt by Snow Peak is a versatile outer layer. Styled with a point collar for a touch of refinement, if you’re looking for warmth, style and durability this one is hard to beat.
$159 $230 | BUY

With the Chapter knife, simple is significant. The titanium frame-lock construction is the simplest there is, with minimal moving parts and maintenance. The blade, made of D2 tool steel, stays sharp longer than stainless and resists chips and abrasions.
$224 $275 | BUY

Great things do come in small packages. The Preon P1 has re-configurable user interfaces ranging from a single maximum-output mode to having all six distinct modes ready for quick access so you can set the light to be as simple or as complex as you need it.
$30 $40 | BUY

You know that deep, satisfying clack you hear when soldiers on the silver screen run the bolt of their rifle home? Imagine it: every time you pull out your pen to write, you’ll hear not only that utterly satisfying click, but you’ll also feel the insanely smooth action of the precision-machined parts, made from premium materials, that compose every Slider Pen.
$169 $199 | BUY

Backup power when you need it the most. The Flip 20 is designed to recharge your devices — laptop, smartphone, GPS, GoPro, you name it — when you’re out in the field. Charge it up and you’ve got 200% of your phone’s battery in your pocket.
$49 | BUY

Another useful outdoor utility tool by VSSL, a nearly indestructible, dual mode flashlight designed to safely hold your booze! The durable Military grade aluminum shell contains a 300ml/10oz glass lined flask for carrying your beverage of choice, plus a LED flashlight, a pair of collapsible shot-sized cups, a bottle opener and a removable oil-filled compass. Available in olive green, or polished aluminum.
$72 | BUY

The All Conditions line protects your everyday essentials from literally anything you can throw at it–rain, snow, blood, sweat, tears–and keeps right on keepin’ on until the day is done. The All Conditions Wallet has space for all of your wallet essentials and a little extra while keeping them all protected from any outdoor or urban adventure.
$64 | BUY

First introduced in 1994, the Original Navy SEAL watch is the timepiece that put Luminox on the map. Chief Nick North, officer in charge of procurement for the Navy SEALs, worked with Luminox to develop a watch specifically designed for use under the most demanding conditions imaginable. 
$319 $395 | BUY

Inspired by the feeling of snowboarding on powder, this 2 horsepower beast turns pavement, dirt, sand (or any other surface for that matter) into your playground. Onewheels dynamic stabilization creates lean-to-go control and allows you to carve silky smooth heel and toe turns on and off road. 
$1,499 | BUY

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You might recall Nomatic as the creators of the most-funded travel bag in Kickstarter history. Now the team is back with a new pack, this time in collaboration with renowned photographer and filmmaker Peter McKinnon. The all-new Nomatic Mckinnon Camera Pack is the perfect bag for every adventure, it features a 35L capacity to carry all your precious photography gear and clothing in the same bag. The removable folding dividers, expansion, and external carry straps al...
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Nike have introduced the newly developed Duel Racer, a sneaker based on a retro runner from the 1980s named the Duellist. Made to fit comfortably like a sock, the upper is made from breathable mesh synthetics, and a triangular synthetic film at the toe and TPU heel both mimic the lines of the original Duellist. The bold Swoosh and matching heel tab offer a pop of color to this lightweight silhouette....
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