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Welcome to this months edition of Gear Crave! In this article, we will be showcasing some of the latest and most exciting gear releases that are sure to pique your interest. From cutting-edge tech gadgets to innovative outdoor equipment, we have got a diverse range of products to satisfy your cravings. So, whether you are a tech enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or just someone with an eye for cool gear, stay tuned for a tantalizing lineup that is bound to leave you wanting more. Lets dive in!

The rugged Rucker Long Range backpack by Goruck is designed to accommodate even more of your essentials. With its two spacious compartments and numerous pockets, you will find ample space to organize your belongings precisely the way you want. It is also equipped with MOLLE-compatible webbing and boasts a rugged CORDURA construction built to withstand the test of time.
BUY | $295

Tired of bulky pumps for outdoor adventures? Meet the Zero Pump, weighing just 1.2 ounces. It inflates your pad in under a minute, handles 25 pads without overheating, and even starts fires. Its replaceable battery ensures durability. Perfect for backpacking, bikepacking, and ski touring.
BUY | $36

These earbuds seamlessly support Bluetooth LE, enhancing your connectivity to new levels. Equipped with active noise cancellation and enhanced wind noise suppression, you can effectively tune out the hustle and bustle of crowded train rides and commotions, immersing yourself in your music without disruptions.
BUY | $199

The iconic basketball sneakers from the 1980s are making a comeback, complete with timeless elements and a nostalgic basketball vibe. These stylish sneakers bring the vintage flair of that era to the modern streets. Featuring a cushioned, low-cut collar, you can effortlessly showcase your style and play your game comfortably, wherever you go.
BUY | $120

Taking cues from its heritage as a flight jacket, this bomber jacket by Taylor Stitch, crafted entirely from recycled nylon, gets a contemporary makeover. It is now lighter, water-resistant, and easily packable, catering to the needs of todays frequent travelers. Its remarkable adaptability ensures you will not have to carry multiple jackets with you.
BUY | $198

This full-frame camera pays homage to vintage SLRs with its retro body design, reminiscent of the film eras steel and functional aesthetics. This fusion of old-school charm and modern technology results in a camera that not only boasts an iconic silhouette but also serves as a contemporary and tactile shooting device.

Introducing the Bullet Ant 2.0, an epitome of ingenuity and artistry that expands the horizons of multifunctional tactical pens. Crafted from top-notch Gr5 titanium, this double-sided bolt-action pen excels as a writing instrument, a screwdriver, a window-smasher, a box opener, and beyond...
BUY | $69

Stanley has crafted an 8-ounce flask with the active individual in mind. Its contoured shape offers a comfortable and snug fit against your physique, allowing it to effortlessly slip into your pocket. Additionally, the hinged cap ensures that it remains securely covered at all times.

Elevate the appearance of your Apple Watch by adorning it with a distinctive tactical band. Crafted from high-quality nylon and authentic leather, this watchband not only imparts a sleek and uncomplicated daily aesthetic but also ensures uniform comfort throughout its entire circumference on your wrist.

The Titanium EDC Pen is an essential and compact tool, ideal for attaching to your keys or carrying in a bag without occupying too much space. It is part of an exclusive limited production, constructed from Grade 5 titanium, featuring a screw-on cap to prevent any leaks, and meticulously crafted grooves for a secure grip.
BUY | $30

This biography offers an intimate glimpse into Musks ambitions and inner demons, revealing the complexities behind his world-changing endeavors. Discover the trailblazer who continues to reshape our lives with tireless determination.

Functionality can certainly coexist with aesthetic appeal. Take the Copper XL Peanut Lighter, for example. As it serves its purpose, it gracefully oxidizes and develops a unique patina, documenting its history with every spark.
BUY | $55

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The 100 Year Pants from Vollebak are a Swiss engineered tactical set of pants that are able to withstand some serious heavy duty, really serious military style use. This brand means business when building apparel and these pants are along the lines with what they have accustomed their consumers. The rugged pants can withstand fire, are water-repellant yet breathable, and feature military grade stainless steel details such as the belt or the ankle straps. Made from P...
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Civilware Pointer II Friction Folder | Image

Civilware Pointer II Friction Folder

The new Pointer II Friction Folder by Civilware, is a lightweight, non-locking pocket knife for everyday use. Using friction to keep it closed and an extended tang to keep it open in your hand, the size and non-locking configuration allow for carry and use in most locations. The added bottle opener, flat-head screwdriver and leather pouch complete the gorgeous design. It also features both sides in Titanium, Heat-treated 416 stainless steel hardware, G10 handle scal...
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AquaSeal Active Waterproof Sling | Image

AquaSeal Active Waterproof Sling

Bitplay have introduced a modular waterproof EDC Sling for adventurers. The AquaSeal Active Waterproof Sling is the perfect solution for keeping your valuables dry and protected. Offering unrivaled protection, the unique IPX7-rated waterproof bag features a quick release phone pouch and modular design, ideal for outdoor activities and urban daily life. The two-pouch bag is made from high-strength 420D and 600D nylon fabrics with double-sided TPU ...
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