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Welcome to another Gear Crave series. In this roundup, we delve into the world of must-have gear that ignites your passion for adventure, productivity, and style. Whether you are seeking the latest gadgets, innovative tools, or timeless accessories, this is your ultimate guide to discovering and indulging in the essential items that elevate your lifestyle. Join us as we explore the gear below.

This backpack honors the brave explorers who dared to explore the rugged, snow-capped mountains of the globe, creating their own paths of excitement. Designed for durability, the Nordic Rucksack captures the essence of pioneering tradition while also being modern and fashionable.
BUY | $315

The All-Terrain X represents the epitome of adventure footwear, mastering challenging terrains with unparalleled grip and comfort. Whether traversing rugged trails or exploring unexplored routes, the All-Terrain X enhances the spirit of exploration.
BUY | $169

Klaus Botta, the visionary behind Botta Watches, reshapes the concept of time by merging serenity with accuracy. Inspired by the principles of the German Bauhaus movement, Klaus Botta revolutionized timekeeping by introducing the iconic One-Hand wristwatch in 1986, laying the foundation for an enduring legacy. Garnering more than 70 design accolades, Botta Watches distinguishes itself through its inventive portrayal of time.

Discover the exceptional Mechanical Pencil by Wingback, a remarkable masterpiece built to endure for generations to come. Crafted in brass, stainless steel, and black steel options, this elegant all-metal mechanical pencil boasts a 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead mechanism and can be customized with precision laser engraving.
BUY | $161

Elevate your outdoor hat game with the latest Fell Caps from &SONS, meticulously designed to effortlessly shift from rugged mountain trails to your everyday escapades. Drawing inspiration from the majestic peaks, this cap offers a modern twist on a timeless classic, blending functionality with vintage allure.
BUY | $65

Selfmade reintroduces the Churchill II, featuring its iconic top-bar frame, angular lenses, and temple embellishments. Explore an exclusive range of custom colors, meticulously applied through personalized lamination, to complement this standout design.
BUY | $105

Tropicfeel offers the ultimate hydration travel bundle. Keep your beverages hot for 12 hours and icy cold for up to 24 hours with our double-wall vacuum insulated bottle. The accompanying bag features multiple pockets for your essentials, making it perfect for any journey.
BUY | $79

Enhance the texture of your hair with this innovative formula called Texture Tonic. This sea salt spray is ideal for adding volume to your hair, containing mineral-rich sea salts and potent extracts that support the growth of strong, thick hair.

Presenting the Cubo MPAC System: the ultimate answer for high-quality technical bags that adjust to the demands of contemporary living while minimizing consumer waste. The inaugural lineup showcases the LEV-24, a remarkably versatile everyday/travel backpack, and the ISHO-X5, a flexible everyday camera sling, along with four supplementary accessories.

While notebooks may cycle through, your Wingback leather cover will stand the test of time. Personalize each cover with an inscription on the front and a heartfelt message or motivational quote on the inside sleeve. Crafted from naturally tanned full-grain Tuscan leather, any scratches or blemishes it accumulates will fade over time, leaving behind a beautiful patina...
BUY | $12

The Vachetta Leather Cream is meticulously crafted with a blend of oils and conditioners to ensure supple, nourished leather. With a lightweight formula that is effortless to apply, this cream deeply moisturizes and shields vachetta leather from wear and tear.
BUY | $45

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G-Lab Commander Jacket | Image

G-Lab Commander Jacket

German outerwear brand G-Lab has more than 20 years of experience in producing high-performance garments, their good-looking coats are windproof, waterproof, breathable, and designed to keep you at the perfect temperature. The G-Lab Commander Jacket is a warm field jacket mixed with a cool, urban sensibility. It has endless functions including large cargo pockets, cosy fleece lined warmer pockets, a 3D zipper garage, reflective stripes on the hood and back yoke, plu...
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Leatherman Multi-Tool Watch | Image

Leatherman Multi-Tool Watch

Following the success of their popular Multi-Tool Bracelet, Leatherman have introduced the world’s first multi-tool watch with customizable tread links. Attached to a premium, Swiss-made watch, the versatile bracelet features individual links equipped with tools that perform two or three functions each, making a total of 25 usable tools available at a moment’s notice. The wearable multi-tool is fully customizable so the user can rearrange links, add new ones, or...
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Designed for urban adventurers, this compact pouch keeps your essentials organized and easily accessible. With dedicated compartments for cards, cash, and loose change, the Alpaka Zip Pouch Coin ensures everything is neatly stowed in one sleek package. The magnetic flap secures the coin pouch for added convenience, making navigating through bustling streets a breeze. Plus, its compatibility with the Alpaka HUB Ecosystem means you can attach it to your back...
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