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Editors Picks January 2024

From tech gadgets to lifestyle accessories, our team scours the market to bring you the most exciting and unique items. Get ready to explore a world of cutting-edge design, functionality, and style as we showcase the top picks that caught our editors discerning eyes. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a fashion-forward individual, or someone looking for the perfect gift, "Editors Picks" has something special for everyone. 

Meet Vallon's Watchtowers Cycling Sunglasses, made with 85% recycled frames, shatterproof lenses, and eco-friendly. Comfortable, sleek, and backed by a lifetime warranty, these redefine cycling eyewear sustainably.
BUY | $159

The Casio Pro Trek PRW-69 Series blends durability and functionality for adventurers. With a robust design, Triple Sensor technology, radio control, and solar charging, it ensures readiness for exploration. The compact yet powerful timepiece is your reliable companion for diverse terrains and outdoor activities.

This revival brings back an iconic style in perfect equilibrium. Featuring vibrant color contrasts, a checkered tongue label, and the timeless essence of the 80s, the Nike Attack invites you to shatter conventions and embrace bold individuality.
BUY | $120

Evergreen Cases carefully designed the compact yet powerful Seahorse 56 EDC Dry Box, taking into account rust resistance, dust protection, waterproofing, and even buoyancy, making it a must-have for water enthusiasts. The 3-step locking system ensures exclusive access to your essentials, providing peace of mind during your aquatic adventures.
BUY | $30

The impressive Master & Dynamic MW75 Headphones showcase meticulous craftsmanship, utilizing robust materials like premium leathers and stainless steel, ensuring longevity over the years. These stylish headphones provide intricate, profound acoustics and personalized sound using 40mm Beryllium drivers and Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, offering an ideal blend of immersive sound and tranquility. 
BUY | $599

The Mag Reel Lite by Root Co. integrates magnetic reel deployment, offering a telescoping cord that spans 65cm and can support a load of up to 2.0kg. Perfect for various commuting and outdoor endeavors, you can conveniently secure items like your phone, keys, wallet, or other accessories at your desired attachment point.

The SANGEAN SG-102 radio offers superior reception, durability, and rain/shock resistance for both indoor and outdoor use. Designed for tradesmen who enjoy music on the job, it features a flexible antenna, digital PLL synthesized tuner, and a large backlit LCD display for easy operation. The SG-102 ensures optimal sound quality and convenience in various environments.

This sleek and ergonomic set includes a nesting knife, spoon, and fork, all in a compact stainless steel design. Easily stow them back into their lightweight protective case after use, minimizing clutter and ensuring they're ready for your next adventure. Say goodbye to the chaos of loose utensils in your backpack and hello to a more organized and enjoyable dining experience on the road.
BUY | $15

What defines the ideal water container? Optimal dimensions that aren't overly cumbersome, a cap that prevents leaks, ensuring confident portability, and a removable straw for swift sipping. The Nike Recharge Bottle goes beyond with its vacuum-insulated interior, extending the duration of your beverages' coldness.
BUY | $36

What defines the ideal water container? Optimal dimensions that aren't overly cumbersome, a cap that prevents leaks, ensuring confident portability, and a removable straw for swift sipping. The Nike Recharge Bottle goes beyond with its vacuum-insulated interior, extending the duration of your beverages' coldness.
BUY | $36

Introducing the Cache River, a precisely engineered aluminum capsule for versatile utility. This compact device holds three essential bits—Phillips #2, Torx T6, and Wiha Slotted 4.5—empowering you to effortlessly handle everyday tasks. When not in use, neatly store the bits within the capsule for easy portability. The Cache River offers a sleek and efficient solution for a range of activities.
BUY | $59

When your off-grid explorations demand navigation, the Dango Compass becomes an essential tool for reaching your destination. This compact compass easily fits into any pocket, featuring a spacious keyhole for attachment to your keys or secure tethering to your gear.
BUY | $30

Discover flexibility with this all-in-one 9-in-1 gadget, merging a ballpoint pen, box cutter, level, screwdrivers, ruler, file, stylus, and bottle opener. Compact for easy pocket storage, it guarantees convenience and durability through sturdy materials. Enjoy worry-free travel, as it adheres to TSA regulations, making it an ideal companion for your adventures.
BUY | $30

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There is no better choice than a Pelican case to carry your most precious camera gear. But if you want to head into the wild, dragging along a wheeled hardcase is not the ideal option. Enter RucPac, a useful kit that converts a wheeled hardcase into a backpack! The harness system allows you to wear your beloved Pelican wheeled hard case as a backpack to make it easier to carry over rough, rocky, or uneven terrain. The system attaches securely with padded, ventilated...
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Nike InfinityRN 4 | Image

Nike InfinityRN 4

The Nike InfinityRN 4 is a running shoe that redefines your running experience. This cutting-edge sneaker boasts the innovative Nike ReactX foam, delivering a remarkable 13% boost in energy return, ensuring a responsive and comfortable running experience. Moreover, it champions environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of the midsole by a substantial 43%. The Nike InfinityRN 4 strikes a perfect balance between exceptional cushioning and robust su...
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Erik Ellington Signature Model. Mesh tongue for foot ventilation. Vulcanized outsole. Premium grade EVA sockliner. Exclusive SupraFoam midsole providing entire foot impact resistance, optimal shoe flex, and board feel. Comfortable visa terry lining....
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