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Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet

Dango have introduced the all-new P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet, the perfect and versatile companion for your travel needs. The weatherproof cash and card carrier will keep your documents and EDC in check, whether you carry it like a traditional wallet or discreetly strap it to your body with the included adjustable shoulder strap. The versatile wallet is RFID protected, and features ample storage for your important travel items such as passports, cash, checkbooks, keys, cards, and small items such as loose change. The P02 also holds a pen and notebook. Also included is a handy MT01 Clasp tool which is equipped with 5 functions: a chisel, a bottle opener, a 1/4" hex socket, a flat head screw driver and a Phillips screw driver. An essential adventure and travel ally. watch the video below

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Darn Tough Socks are a Vermont based, family owned company that state they make the most comfortable and durable socks on the planet. It is three generations old, so the knowledge and experience are surely there. With multiple models and different styles they sure cover a wide array of possibilities. Compositions also differ from model to model, Merino wool, cotton, Lycra and more. The tight knitting also ensures you will forget you have them on. Choose the cushioni...
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Meet the 21st century gym short. Whether youíre out for a brisk trail run or swinging kettlebells, the versatile All Over Short by Olivers Apparel was designed with one thing in mind: Performance. Itís perfect for, well, everything ó and itís built to last....
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Wandrd Hexad Duffel | Image

Wandrd Hexad Duffel

For those of us who simply love to wander off, whether itís commuting for the day, road tripping for the weekend or taking a flight for a long vacation, the Wandrd Hexad Duffel is quite the item to keep your gear organized, accessible and easily carried, plus youíll do it in style. This duffel bag differs from its competitors because there was some real thought put into it by the three founding brothers of the Wandrd company. The whole bag is made from rugged materi...
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