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August 2023 Gear Crave

Each month, we bring forth a thoughtfully picked assemblage of gear that has captured our interest. Our Gear Crave roundups encompass fashionable apparel, indispensable everyday tools, and cutting-edge technological marvels. Whether you seek to elevate your closet or introduce efficiency to your daily regimen, rest assured, we have got you covered. Our quest for the most up-to-date and exceptional gear is unending, designed to satiate your desires. Explore our monthly editions and uncover the finest gear for every gentleman.

The Side Pack by 1733 is a game-changing crossbody bag designed to revolutionize how anglers transport their equipment. This pack sets a new standard, offering three versatile carrying options. Crafted from durable Ecopak fabric that boasts exceptional abrasion resistance and weather protection, this pack is a true powerhouse.
BUY | $220

Embrace the trails with our CTM Ultra Trail shoe, designed to be your ultimate companion for serious trail running. This top-tier trail running shoe is tailor-made for athletes who crave high-mileage adventures. With its exceptional performance and responsiveness across different off-road terrains, it is set to become the go-to choice for trail enthusiasts.
BUY | $174

This 25-quart Trailmate cooler combines compactness with ample space to reenergize your expedition. Boasting robust durability through its strong build, it ensures prolonged ice preservation and added convenience with its useful attributes such as a bottle opener, lockable lid, cup holders, and drain plug.

This innovative accessory enhances your ability to capture fantastic photos and produce impressive video content effortlessly. Boasting user-friendly attributes, the ProGrip incorporates a wireless shutter button, an integrated powerbank with wireless charging to ensure your phone remains charged during extended shooting sessions, a versatile rotating mount enabling both portrait and landscape shooting modes, and an attached hand strap that adds extra support and stability to your shooting experience.

Combining elements of neither a circle nor a square, the Disk introduces a fresh perspective with its straightforward geometric form. Easily navigable through an intuitive interface, the large digital displays offer essential functionalities such as day, date, alarm, chronograph, and countdown timer, all accessible through a simple button press.
BUY | $125

Equipped with a replaceable Audio-Technica 95E elliptical stylus and aluminum headshell, this turntable takes your listening experience to new heights with enhanced sound quality and tracking precision. The bamboo plinth and glass platter contribute to improved audio performance, while a dual-sided cork slipmat injects a touch of vibrant color.
BUY | $399

Sunski is setting new standards for eco-friendly eyewear. Crafted from resilient recycled polymer frames, these shades not only prioritize style but sustainability too. The polarized lenses provide excellent glare protection, ensuring your eyes are shielded from the suns harsh rays.
BUY | $58

Be ready for any adventure with this versatile jacket. Featuring a 2.5-layer design, this garment boasts water-resistant breathability with a DWR finish. Its critical seams are sealed, ensuring maximum protection. The hood conveniently folds into the collar, secured by a snap closure. The waterproof center front zipper is equipped with a storm flap and zipper garage, and its pull doubles as a whistle for emergency signaling.
BUY | $225

The Nomad Sport Case boasts a stunning high-gloss exterior that effortlessly slides into and out of your pockets, yet offers a secure grip when held. This unique combination ensures both convenience and control. An ingenious touch is the subtle optical light pipe seamlessly integrated into the design.
BUY | $25

Embrace the essence of summer and the charm of a cowboys smile with The Alls Good Snapback Hat. Crafted by South Austins talented local artists, this hat exudes their evident affection for the home state. Its design features a gently curved brim, adding a touch of timeless style to your ensemble.
BUY | $34

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Airbag backpacks are an essential safety piece of gear for adventurous skiers, and are proven to save lives in avalanches by keeping the wearer on the surface of the debris. The problem with most of these avalanche airbags, is that they can be big and cumbersome. They also make it hard to move around freely and take action in case of a hazardous situation. Aerosize is the world’s first certified avalanche airbag compact vest, and is similar to those used in sailin...
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The Nike React Element 55 embraces history and pushes it into the future, featuring a React foam midsole for lightweight comfort and reflective details for a cutting-edge look. Next up for the Element 55, is arguably its most attractive set yet, the "Grid Pack" comes in hot with two distinct colorways, each equipped with a familiar gridded pattern that became popular with the Swoosh during the 1990s. Choose between a darker Armory Navy aesthetic with Volt and brown ...
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Luminox MIL SPEC Dive Watch | Image

Luminox MIL SPEC Dive Watch

The new Luminox MIL SPEC Dive Watch is a rugged timepiece that meets the rigorous standards set by the US Department of Defense. It takes inspiration from the beloved Navy SEAL collection and enhances it with a durable case and an upgraded Swiss quartz movement that offers enhanced protection against impacts and extreme temperatures. Crafted with precision, the Luminox Mil-Spec 3350 Series features a 46mm CARBONOX+ case, a premium carbon-composite material with exce...
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