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August 2023 Finds On Huckberry

Embark on a journey through our unique choice of high-quality clothing and travel equipment tailored for your explorative nature and outdoor escapades this month on Huckberry. Once more, we have joined forces with Huckberry to present you with a meticulously curated array of cutting-edge and inventive items to enhance your gear ensemble. Covering everything from adventure-ready necessities to fashionable attire, our collection ensures you remain both fashion-forward and well-prepared. Seize the chance to explore these remarkable products and peruse our handpicked compilation below.

When Kikuo Ibe crafted the G-Shock in 1983, one principle stood above all: resilience. Every element cherished in the renowned timepiece�the rugged structure, the protective bezel, the impressive water resistance�were all meticulously aligned with that singular mission. Presenting a contemporary iteration of the original, the GMW-B5000PS-1CR pays homage to the enduring strength of the design while introducing contemporary enhancements that render this watch an enduring accessory you will be eager�and capable�to adorn for a lifetime.
BUY | $870

When the urge to channel your inner Kerouac and embark on an impromptu journey strikes, YETIs Crossroads 40L Duffel bag emerges as your ultimate companion. Harnessing the same robust DNA as their renowned unyielding coolers, this duffel is meticulously crafted from expedition-grade nylon thats impervious to water and abrasions. Effortlessly tuck away essentials, be it passports, chargers, or shades, within its numerous internal mesh pockets.
BUY | $200

Shield your valuables with exceptional durability and practicality. Matadors Betalock travel carabiner, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, features a deadbolt-style locking gate for ultimate security against potential theft. Rest easy knowing your belongings are protected.
BUY | $30

Designed for comfort, durability, and the thrill of exploration. These were the core ideals driving the creation of UBCOs 2x2 ADV Electric Motorbike. This versatile vehicle is not only road registrable but also poised for both on-road and off-road escapades. Tailored for urban commuters tired of traffic snarls and weekend adventurers who relish the serenity of the wilderness. Boasting a maximum speed of 30 mph and an impressive range of up to 75 miles, this bike will entice you to embark on rides at every available opportunity.
BUY | $5,999

The LoadOut GoBox from YETI is your guardian for safeguarding valuables from the unpredictable elements. Created to easily fit in compact areas and featuring a convenient flip-up Grab and Go handle, this cargo box stands ready for action. Completely waterproof, impervious to dust, and remarkably durable, this box ensures that the untamed environment remains outside while your precious belongings remain secure within.
BUY | $125

Dubbed the Cloudmonster, this running shoe embodies sheer power, boasting the maximum cushioning ever employed by On. Imagine the sensation of running on clouds, but magnified to an extraordinary level. This rapid marvel harmonizes their exclusive CloudTec cushioning with their dynamic Speedboard® technology and a revolutionary curved design that propels you forward at every stride. Overflowing with unparalleled energy ready to catapult your takeoffs sky-high, this shoe serves as your gateway to lightning-speed agility paired with an embrace of comfort akin to floating on clouds.
BUY | $170

No household is complete without a reliable tool set, and this 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set is the perfect solution for all your home projects. Featuring a robust brushless drill as its centerpiece, this long-lasting set includes a screwdriver with an anti-roll surface, convenient pliers to reduce effort, and a versatile assortment of eight drill bits for various drilling and fastening needs.
BUY | $199

Say hello to the Fulcrum Mini Titanium Pocket Tool: a fusion of a pry bar, bit driver, and bit holder, all embodying the craftsmanship of Joseph Vero. This marks his inaugural creation in the realm of pocket tools, a testament to intelligent design and engineering excellence thats poised to accompany you through the years. But dont delay�Veros tools are highly regarded among EDC aficionados and tend to vanish swiftly, so swift action is advised.
BUY | $90

Bellroy, masters of everyday carry, understand the need for a reliable pack. The Venture Ready Sling strikes the perfect balance of size and style, loaded with easily accessible and concealed pockets for your essentials. A discreet zip pocket secures your wallet and passport, water-resistant fabric shields valuables, and a padded phone sleeve keeps your device safe on the move.
BUY | $89

Preparing for an excursion into the wilderness often leads to overburdening your backpack with excessive equipment. The Stakeout Multi-Tool, an adaptable 11-in-1 tool, is meticulously crafted to simplify the process of establishing, maintaining, and disassembling your campsite. This multifunctional tool excels in tasks ranging from equipment maintenance to cooking, fire preparation, and a plethora of other essential activities, making it an impeccable companion for any adventure.
BUY | $55

Discover enhanced key-carrying certainty with The Rowan. This 420 stainless steel hook employs a simple design for robust security, accompanied by an integrated bottle opener and ruler. Crafted from anodized aluminum, it guarantees strength and lightness. In essence, replace your bulky climbing carabiner with this streamlined alternative.
BUY | $29

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If you´re into backcountry snowboarding/skiing and always in pursuit of fresh powder, this  versatile vest by Volcom is perfect for getting out of bounds without the bulk. Inspired by a ski patroller utility vest, the Iguchi Slack Vest enables to carry sidecountry excursion essentials without a bulky pack. The tough, ballistic nylon vest fits over your jacket, and features several pockets strategically placed to be used at your own convenience, and purpose-bui...
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Tracksmith is a new brand developed by a former head of marketing at PUMA, and the co-founder and creative director at Rapha (cycling apparel). Their new collection of premium athletic apparel is focused as much on style as performance, and the clean vintage look is a breath o fresh air in a market saturated with flashy and hi-tech running gear. Head over to their sleek website and check out the full collection....
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G-Shock GBD-H1000 | Image

G-Shock GBD-H1000

Casio announced the highly anticipated G-Shock GBD-H1000, a rugged watch with Heart Rate Monitor and GPS. In fact, the GBD-H1000 is packed with five-sensor functions, an optical heart rate monitor, pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer), compass, thermometer, and accelerometer for step counting. In addition, the new watch comes with GPS functionality that acquires location information, USB charging, and solar charging for daily use such as the vibrating notificat...
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