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Arcade Guide Belt

Arcade makes performance belts for everyday wear. The Arcade Guide Belt is built for rough and tumble times on the trail and beyond, it has a technical webbing with reinforced stitching, a stretchy low-profile design, and a non-slip, svelte alloy,  lightweight buckle. The Guide is a tough belt that’s ready for any adventure, and damn comfortable too.  

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Stilform AEON Titanium Pencil | Image

Stilform AEON Titanium Pencil

The sleek Stilform AEON Titanium Pencil is a masterpiece that will last a lifetime. This exceptional writing instrument is designed to be more than just a pencil. Crafted from durable titanium, the AEON pencil comes in various finishes, combining elegance with longevity. Its magnetic tips let you effortlessly switch between a "eternal" metal tip and graphite. The "eternal" tip, made from a special alloy, ensures longevity. Need a more traditional feel? Just switch t...
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Adidas Y-3 Runner 4D IOW | Image

Adidas Y-3 Runner 4D IOW

Adidas have released an awesome running shoe as part of their new Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 line. The technical and futuristic Adidas Y-3 Runner 4D IOW come with two removable neoprene socks which give you the option between both a low and mid height finish. The shapeshifting shoe also features a breathable mesh upper, and sits atop an adidas 4D midsole with a Continental rubber outsole for optimal support and cushioning. Available now in an all-black colorway with minimal...
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Polar have announced two new workout trackers, the Vantage V ($500) and the cheaper Vantage M ($280) companion. The Polar Vantage multisport watches help you maximise your workout, they both feature the Training Load Pro system that melds cardiovascular, muscular and perceived loads into a single metric. They also offer a more accurate heart rate monitoring that uses multi-layer optical sensing, electrodes and accelerometers to get both faster and more accurate hear...
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