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2023 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

As Father´s Day approaches (June 18th), we have curated a collection of fantastic gift ideas for your beloved "old man". Our handpicked collection includes a range of gifts that cater to different aspects of your dads personality, from his adventurous side to his role as a reliable partner and father figure. Explore the captivating photos and detailed descriptions of these gift suggestions below.

The stylish Voiture (French for car) has overtones of classic and exotic chronographs from the 60s and 70s. Assembled in Germany, the classic racing style chronograph is powered by the Swiss Sellita SW510 manual movement, and is available in three styles.
BUY | $1,767

The stylish Gozney Dome is a versatile outdoor oven that excels in roasting, baking, steaming, smoking, and BBQ. With a temperature range of up to 950 degrees, it cooks food quickly or slow and low for tender ribs and briskets. Features include a digital thermometer, adjustable air vent, stone floor, excellent heat retention, and a durable ceramic exterior.
BUY | $1,999

The Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneaker takes an unassuming silhouette and transforms it into a high-end affair that looks and feels luxurious but won’t break the bank. The uppers are made from soft and durable locally-sourced full-grain calfskin, whilst the molded insole is lined with calfskin for comfort, and a lightweight Margom Italian rubber outsole completes the look.
BUY | $270

Understanding the stories behind everyday objects provides insight into our past and the lasting impact of historical events on our world. Surprisingly, major historical events like World Wars and revolutions have influenced the creation of the things we use today. Take a moment to consider how these connections shape our daily lives and the objects we often overlook.

This stylish accessory transforms your cluster of keys into a neatly organized stack, you can organize them in order of preference, and find the key needed without hassle. The high quality soft touch band prevents your keys from scratching your other precious belongings such as smartphones, and also prevents the annoying sound of rattling keys.

No household is complete without a reliable tool set, and this 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set is the perfect solution for all your home projects. Featuring a robust brushless drill as its centerpiece, this long-lasting set includes a screwdriver with an anti-roll surface, convenient pliers to reduce effort, and a versatile assortment of eight drill bits for various drilling and fastening needs.
BUY | $199

Designed in collaboration with visionary artist and industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, the stunning KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones combine noise cancelling with premium audio. Control playback, volume, calls, and more using the intuitive touch controls.

Rarely do you encounter a fork that serves as a versatile multi-tool, but Gerber Gears Devour Multi-Fork nails it with its clever and practical design. Featuring a built-in multi-tool that attaches to the back of the fork, this 9-in-1 tool is perfect for all your cooking, eating, and cleaning needs during camping adventures.
BUY | $20

Crafted from durable, water-resistant sailcloth, this rugged apron shields you from grease splatters, wine stains, and airborne food debris. With strategically placed pockets, it not only keeps your favorite shirt clean but also ensures easy access to all the necessary tools for creating a delectable feast.
BUY | $79

This handsome vessel is a handblown whiskey decanter made from premium lead-free glass. With a hefty 34 oz of capacity for your favorite whiskey, it will keep you inspired and sippin’ "on the rocks" whenever 5 o’clock calls.
BUY | $65

Stay organized with Tile, the flexible tracker that ensures you never lose your belongings again. Simply attach the Tile Mate to everyday items like keys, backpacks, or purses and utilize our user-friendly app to locate them effortlessly. Take advantage of the Tile app to ring your Tile when its in Bluetooth range or ask your Smart Home device to track it down for you.
BUY | $23

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Snake Bite is a modern folding church key & bottle opener that makes your beer pour smoother and taste better. The unique handcrafted accessory is a must have for any EDC fan, its simple yet functional design mimics a snake bite, and works as a bottle opener, and can be used to vent a can of beer, this lets out the the liquid smoothly, and eliminates a significant amount of air you ingest while drinking straight from a can. watch the video...
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Vollebak is an experimental adventure brand, they manufacture clothing concepts that have never been seen or attempted before, and look far beyond the obvious when sourcing materials for their unique apparel. For their latest offering, the Ceramic Hoodie, they chose a material used in jet engines and missile nose cones, making it tough enough to withstand whatever trials you put it through. The ultra high-performance hoodie combines abrasion resistant matt black cer...
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The Wilderness Survival Card by ReadyMan is a tool filled kit, ideal for anyone in a survival scenario. Developed by US Special Operations Forces, the credit card sized stainless steel kit fits in your wallet, and contains a whole array of true wilderness survival tools at your fingertips, such as arrowheads, snare locks, sewing needles, saw blades, tweezers, fishing hooks, and more. watch the video below...
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