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Ldn Born Mutt Motorcycle

The awesome LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle, is a cool collaboration of London-based industrial design brand Buster + Punch with Mutt Motorcycles. Designed for "The Everyman”, the four-stroke 125cc Mutt Motorcycle was inspired by London’s fashion, music and famed biker cultures. It features rugged 18” Twinduro tires, custom upholstered seats, and a tinted yellow headlight with a grill to recall the durable thriftiness of classic cafe racers. Available in a limited run of only 50 bikes.

mutt-motorcycle-2.jpg | Image

mutt-motorcycle-3.jpg | Image

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Loeva Transparent Stand-Up Paddle | Image

Loeva Transparent Stand-Up Paddle

This awesome SUP is totally transparent and lets you see right through it! So if you’re cruising in some crystal clear waters, you’ll never miss out again on the beautiful and cool stuff under you. The sleek "Le StandUp" board by Loeva is made with Altuglas ShieldUp, a special nano-structured acrylic glass that is almost as transparent as crystal, and provides an unparalleled balance in terms of resistance to shocks, scratches and cleaning products. There is als...
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Terradyne Gurkha Truck | Image

Terradyne Gurkha Truck

The impressive Terradyne Gurkha Truck is armored vehicle that adds a whole new level of style and safety to your commute. Built by Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc. of Ontario, Canada, this mighty 2017 Gurkha is the epitome of ruggedness and street cred. Powered by a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine, this beast runs on a Ford F550 chassis with four-wheel drive for unstoppable performance. What sets the Gurkha apart is its B7/STANAG armor, providing the highest level of...
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Winner of numerous prestigious design awards, the ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft has just been presented in a special edition, and boy does it look cool! The A5 Systems Layout Model is wrapped in matt black vinyl with graphics depicting the internal systems overlaid with silver decals and red accents. The two-seater aircraft will be available soon and should feature the same specs as the classic ICON A5. via...
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