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Hookie Cake Moto-Kit

Hookie Co. introduces the ANT Moto-Kit for the Cake Osa, a customizable electric bike designed to tackle urban and off-road adventures. Crafted with a 3mm Aluminum body, the kit offers versatility with easy installation using 3D printed clamps. It includes features like adjustable footrests, a lower seat position, and a handy basket attached to the battery pack. The kit allows you to personalize your bike with various color options for the main body, basket, footplate, and seat. Express your creativity while enhancing your riding experience with the ANT Moto-Kit.

The Cake Osa, at its core, features a 10 kW engine, LED lights, and 14-inch Bridgestone tires. Its a versatile and modular electric bike that can be tailored to your specific needs, making it perfect for both urban commuting and off-road adventures.

Hookie Co.s customization brings an artistic and sporty edge to the Osa, offering a fresh and youthful look without mimicking traditional motorcycle designs. The ANT Moto-Kit starts at approximately $2,900 (€2,400) and allows users to transform their Cake Osa into a unique and stylish ride.

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