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DAB 1a Electric Motorcycle

Following its acquisition by Peugeot Motocycles, DAB is set to produce the DAB 1a Electric Motorcycle, with global distribution planned for the limited run of 400 units. This collaboration promises a luxurious electric bike, featuring a sleek design and high-end components.

The DAB 1a boasts a robust construction, with a double-cradle steel frame, trellis subframe, and cast aluminum swingarm. Its monocoque body, made from injection-molded ABS plastic, exudes a neo-futuristic charm, complemented by a plush Alcantara saddle.

Under the hood, the DAB 1a packs a punch with its 11 kW nominal power and 25.5 kW peak power electric drivetrain, delivering an exhilarating riding experience. The French-made 72V battery ensures a maximum range of 150 km, with a quick three-hour charge time using a standard outlet or level two charger.

Designed for urban commuters and adventure seekers alike, the DAB 1a combines performance, sustainability, and style in a lightweight package. With its innovative features, including switchable rider modes and customizable options, the DAB 1a sets a new standard for electric motorcycles.

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