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Crooked Yamaha XS400

From 1978-1982, Yamaha built the famous XS400 model, and in the first year it became one of the best-selling motorcycles in the world. Now Crooked Motorcycles, a workshop based in Germany, has done an amazing job on this stunning Yahaha XS400. This gorgeous transformation is based on a standalone and unique solution "DIY-Kit" ($2,775) that features several parts and accessories that let you build your dream bike. You can choose between a DIY-Moto-Kit and build by yourself if you are the proud owner of a Yamaha XS400, or order a complete bike such as this one for a total of $13,875. watch the timelapse video of the build below

crooked-yamaha-xs400-2.jpg | Image

crooked-yamaha-xs400-3.jpg | Image

crooked-yamaha-xs400-4.jpg | Image

crooked-yamaha-xs400-5.jpg | Image



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TruckVault | Image


If you are one of those who are borderline OCD and you like your life organized, this is for you. TruckVault is a truck and van storage system that promises great versatility. Available for all pickups, vans, SUVs and sedans in hundreds of configurations, the secure in-vehicle storage system features heavy-duty, deep, lined drawers that provide secure locking storage for outdoorsman, media creators, law enforcement, hunters or commercial use. Whatever your needs, Tr...
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Honda E:DAX | Image

Honda E:DAX

Designed to reimagine the iconic Honda Dax, this personal project by Michio Papers combines classic design elements with modern features and a sustainable twist. The E-Dax Mini Moto showcases a sleek T-frame design, updated with a belt-driven electric powertrain and swappable batteries for eco-friendly mobility. With an enhanced UI/HMI and revamped frame and suspension geometry, this electric motorcycle concept is tailored for urban environments. While still maintai...
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1971 Ford Bronco by Redline Restorations | Image

1971 Ford Bronco by Redline Restorations

This exceptional 1971 Ford Bronco Custom SUV has been completely restored from the ground up and is now available for purchase! This eye-catching restoration is immaculate, every single nut, bolt, hose, seal, gasket, or working part has been either refinished or replaced. This is one of the most complete, cleanest, well built, and toughest early Broncos out there today. The unique vehicle is equipped with a 9-inch Ford rear axle, a Dana 44 front axle, a new 6-point ...
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