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2X2 Ultra Bike

Crafted by Robo Systems, and infused with TheArsenale's DNA, the mighty 2X2 Ultra Bike is the ultimate off-road adventure e-bike. This electric two-wheel-drive marvel boasts balloon tires and a 1,000-watt brushless DC motor in each wheel, powered by a 48-volt LifePo4 battery pack. Recharging in just an hour, it offers a 50-km range.

With buoyant tires that effortlessly conquer water obstacles and marshy terrain, the 2X2 Ultra Bike ensures a smooth ride over sand and snow drifts. Plus, its chassis accommodates a portable gasoline generator for extended journeys, with built-in battery charging and fuel tanks inside the wheels. Equipped with a pulse charger, inverter, and hydraulic brake system, this bike offers versatility and safety for any adventure.

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BMW 328 HOMMAGE | Image


To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the classic 328 roadster, BMW presented the 328 Hommage concept at the Concorso dElegance Villa dEste in Italy. As the name indicates, the model is a tribute to the sportscar produced between 1936 and 1940. Various details of 328 Hommage have inspired the original 328. In front, the circular head lamps and the lung shaped double vertical grid. Leather straps used to close the hood of the 328 have only aesthetic effect on the Ho...
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BMW F800GS | Image


BMW Motorrad have recently refreshed one of our all time favorites, their mid-sized F800GS adventure bike, giving it an even more fresh and dynamic look. The iconic motorcycle is continuing its long success story and impresses with its versatility for journeys on and off-road. The dream bike has gained newly designed tank covers, ignition lock covers, and new electroplated elements consist of knee covers and radiator covers. It  also benefits from five possible...
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The Yeti snow bike kit turns a dirt bike into a radical snow machine! The kit is highly adaptable, attaching onto most dirt bikes and comes completely assembled and ready to install, with everything you need to convert your dirt bike into a snowbike. Its designed to integrate with your bikes original balance and dynamics for the ultimate ride on and off trail. The converted Snowbike is much lighter than a traditional snowmobile, allowing for much greater maneuverabi...
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