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Woolly Bear Trailer

The compact Woolly Bear Trailer is a campers dream, it is rugged, light, easy to handle and can haul a whole lot of gear. The main feature however is its extreme versatility, you may equip it with loads of different stuff, it’s basically a "template" that you can fill up with the stuff you need. The trailer has around 10 feet of length and weighs around 900 lbs fully packed (around 600lbs of cargo possibilities) so it’s pretty manageable and easily towed. It features 15" wheels with rugged all-terrain tires, you also get a two person roof top tent so you may sleep in an elevated position, away from the cold, bugs or other critters. It also comes equipped with a full size camping kitchen, USB charging ports, a LED lighting system, a cargo deck that provides significant rack and stowage area for gear, bikes and boats, and many more options. The powder coated gravel guards ensure it will last for several years of fun and exploration.

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Onewheel GT | Image

Onewheel GT

Onewheel, the self-balancing one-wheeled electric skateboard has just gotten more power and more range to create the most advanced riding experience yet. The all-new Onewheel GT has higher voltage for more power, significantly more torque, can do up to 32mi/52km on a single charge, and reach a top speed of 20mph. The riding experience has also been vastly improved, it now features concave footpads, grippier grip tape, and a custom tire profile that combine for even ...
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Rivian´s upcoming R1T electric pickup and R1S electric SUV are two of the most hotly anticipated new EVs. Expected for delivery January 2022, the truck or SUV can be configured on their website, now with a choice of some awesome adventure gear to choose from. Choose everything from a rooftop tent, cargo crossbars to haul bikes, boards and kayaks a gear tunnel shuttle, an off-road upgrade, an off-road recovery kit, or the Rivian wall charger. You can also choose the...
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The "FiiK" is an electric skateboard unlike any other model you may have seen. It has a motor that can reach 35 km/h plus travel routes very well out of town as in fields, for example. This is not the first electric skateboard in the world but it´s the most impressive and best of them by having three different speeds, the ABS brakes are electronically controlled by a control that is in the hands of the skater (you accelerate and brake through the device)....
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