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VanLab Camper Van Conversion DIY Kit

VanLab offers affordable and high-quality campervan conversion kits that provide a premium modern look. The kits are designed to be assembled in a similar way to IKEA furniture, with instructions created by a team of expert designers and engineers. The sustainably-sourced kits are built from the highest quality plywood and maximise space and functionality. The custom-designed panels fit precisely like a jigsaw within the framework, making it easy to slot them into your van. The step-by-step kit fitting manual is fast and easy to build from, even for novices. 

All tools, instructions, wood panels, hinges, screws, door magnets, and hatches are provided with the kit, leaving you time to focus on fun customisations. With VanLabs kit, you can build out your own vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a fully-appointed camper van. The modular full-size bed, table, integrated storage, and kitchen worktop/cooking area make for a highly functional, self-contained living environment. Kits come in small, medium, and large sizes and work for the Nissan NV 200, Chevy City Express, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ford Transit.

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EarthRoamer LTi

EarthRoamer are global leaders in Expedition Vehicles, their spectacular campers are in a class of their own and combine off-road and off-grid capabilities with modern, home-like interiors. Their latest model is a mammoth expedition vehicle with a carbon fiber body. The impressive EarthRoamer LTi has a robust body that is produced by bonding two carbon fiber skins to a structural foam core with a vacuum-infusion process. The result is a stronger, stif...
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MATE X Folding eBike

MATE X is a new offering in the sizzling eBike market, it promises to deliver impressive performance and an affordable price tag. The cool ride is designed to fit everyone from 150cm/4´9" to those over 215cm/7´0" with ease, simply adjust the saddle and handlebar. And, when not in use, it folds down to a very compact 91cm high, 76cm long. Powered by a 750W electric motor, combined with an impressive 48V battery, the MATE X can reach speeds of more tha...
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Apex AP-0

British sportscar manufacturer Apex Motors has announced a spectacular new electric supercar called the AP-0. The good-looking AP-0 is a celebration of the feeling of being behind the wheel, and offers a more connected driving experience while embodying sustainability and technology. It is wrapped in carbon giving it a feather-light 1,200 kg (2,645-lb) weight, and features an impressive 90 kWh battery pack, which is enough to get you a range up to 320 miles (515 km)...
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