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VanLab Camper Van Conversion DIY Kit

VanLab offers affordable and high-quality campervan conversion kits that provide a premium modern look. The kits are designed to be assembled in a similar way to IKEA furniture, with instructions created by a team of expert designers and engineers. The sustainably-sourced kits are built from the highest quality plywood and maximise space and functionality. The custom-designed panels fit precisely like a jigsaw within the framework, making it easy to slot them into your van. The step-by-step kit fitting manual is fast and easy to build from, even for novices. 

All tools, instructions, wood panels, hinges, screws, door magnets, and hatches are provided with the kit, leaving you time to focus on fun customisations. With VanLabs kit, you can build out your own vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a fully-appointed camper van. The modular full-size bed, table, integrated storage, and kitchen worktop/cooking area make for a highly functional, self-contained living environment. Kits come in small, medium, and large sizes and work for the Nissan NV 200, Chevy City Express, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ford Transit.

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Lightship L1 Pop-Up Camping Trailer

Lightship is revolutionizing the camping industry with its L1 Pop-Up Camping Trailer, designed specifically for electric vehicles. The L1 is a battery-powered trailer with an optional drive motor that significantly reduces the towing demand for the main vehicle. With an onboard battery of 80kWh and integrated solar panels, the L1 can charge an EV or a home while offering a range extension to your vehicle. At 27 feet long and 8.6 feet wide, the L1 sleeps up to six ad...
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Nikola WAV Electric Watercraft

Arizona-based startup Nikola Motor Company have presented a spectacular electric jet ski with a waterproof 12-inch, 4K display in the dashboard. WAV is an innovative, all-electric personalized watercraft with sport bike-style ergonomics, it will feature an electric powertrain with zero environmental impact, angular LED headlights up front, a LED light bar in the rear, and will even have cruise control. Pricing has not been revealed for the WAV, but it is reportedly ...
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Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle

The Davinci DC100 Motorcycle has an electric motor that produces...wait for it...627 pound-feet (850Nm) of torque! The high-performance electric streetbike also comes with an impressive 250-mile (400 km) range, and  Davinci claims takes a 15-minute charge time to reach 85-percent battery capacity and a mere 30 minutes for 100-percent with a stage 3 charger. The DC100 is described as a "robot on two wheels" by Davinci due to a plethora of electri...
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