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Toyota Maltexplorer Conversions

The awesome Toyota Maltexplorer Conversions are sure worth a serious glance should you be on the market for something of the kind, this German based company, that now also has a US branch, was founded by motocross champion and lifelong racer Malte Asmus, so this enterprise breathes competition and responds to demanding conditions. There conversions are dedicated to one of the strongest and most resistant offroad vehicles available - the Land Cruiser, by Toyota. There off-the-grid adventure upgrades are available for for five of the best Land Cruiser versions, all of these conversions are extremely well built and ensure resistance to the harshest conditions, they include sleeping space, storage, kitchen accommodations, and even bathroom (on some longest models). Made from premium materials such as stainless steel or composite fibers you get a really great piece that will enable you to reach the most difficult spots and stay offgrid for a reasonable amount of time. Along with this extra gear you also get upgraded mechanical work too, such as improved drivetrain, suspension and chassis. Maltec also offers similar conversions for Mercedes G-Class and Land Rover models.

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Ever felt like chillinīon the top of your Jeep or on the back of you truck? Well, Jammock Hammock was made just for that. The Virginia based company thought of a way to use Jeepīs roll bars or the back of your pick-up truck as support for a hammock enabling you to enjoy a beautiful sunset or a starry sky by night. Get the most out of your vehicle and use it in a new way, build memories with more enjoyable moments between man and machine. Jammock Hammock is made in U...
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VW Tiguan GTE Active | Image

VW Tiguan GTE Active

German automaker Volkswagen have just announced the all new 2018 Tiguan, but what really caught our attention was this radical concept that could well be close to a production reality. The spectacular VW Tiguan GTE Active features a 148-hp gasoline engine and a 12.4-kWh battery pack that feeds juice to a pair of electric motors. It has a six-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission, and features off-road and sporty GTE driving modes, letting the driver access prese...
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The Cactus Tongue Bike Hanger lets you hang your bike on the wall with style. Made from stainless steel and leather, the Cactus Tongue combines strength and timeless looks that will fit with any decor. You can hang your prized possession and showcase it horizontally by its crossbar, or vertically by the handlebar or seat post. Its very compact and really well designed, ideal if you live in a flat or dont have access to outside space. Learn more from Cactus Tongue...
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