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Supertramped Camper Van

Travelers are now more than ever looking for more authentic and unique experiences. Camper Vans and Vanlife are a new growing trend that is worth paying attention to. Meet "Ernie", quite possibly one of the most stunning campervan conversion builds we have ever laid our eyes on. British company "Supertramped Co." has transformed this Mercedes-Benz T2 into a portable beach house camper van with a shabby-chic decor. The unique van has a separate sleeping area and a working kitchen (with a Smeg oven, grill, and hob), shower with skylight, a toilet, as well as a dining area. But donīt let the vintage look fool you, this thing is decked out in various smart home technologies including WiFi, an Alexa smart assistant, voice-activated lighting, 6 ceiling mounted home cinema speakers, and 400w solar panels to provide off-the-grid power. This talented company creates bespoke spaces for tiny home dwellers, reach out to them if you are interested in stepping into the unknown for a more nomadic lifestyle.

Photos by: Simon and Kiana Photography

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