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Skyryse One Helicopter

Skyryse One is changing the game in helicopter flight, combining simplicity with advanced technology. Priced at under $2 million, this California-based innovation features a streamlined cockpit with a single four-axis control stick and two touchscreens, reminiscent of flying a drone. The SkyOS operating system, using fly-by-wire technology, replaces traditional mechanical controls, simplifying the flying experience.

While not a full autopilot, SkyOS assists pilots by continuously analyzing inputs and conditions, ensuring a safe flight envelope. The system also introduces features like Hover Assist and automated autorotation during engine failure for added safety. With a standard helicopter Private Pilot License and 20 hours of additional training for airplane-licensed pilots, entry barriers are lowered.

Skyryse One delivers dynamic envelope protection, automated autorotation, and user-friendly touch-screen controls. Set to launch in 2025 pending FAA certification, Skyryse aims to make flying safer and more accessible, attracting a new wave of aviation enthusiasts.

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Montegrappa Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
Thom Sweeney Interior
Carol Bike Interior
Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Wellen Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior


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SpeedKore 1974 BMW 3.0 CS | Image

SpeedKore 1974 BMW 3.0 CS

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