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Redtail Skyloft Van

Redtail Overland introduces the Skyloft Van, a revolutionary approach to expedition travel designed with families in mind. This turnkey luxury van seamlessly integrates the patented, climate-controlled Skyloft rooftop camper to address space challenges in van life. The master bedroom, located upstairs, allows for two climate-controlled sleeping zones, a heated enclosed wet bath, a full galley, a spacious dining area, ample storage, and four secure automotive seats.

Crafted with precision in Boulder, Colorado, the Skyloft Van boasts robust off-grid systems, all-weather capabilities, heated floors and bathroom, and a penthouse with heat and AC. It features aircraft-style cabinetry, a large rear dining lounge, a hidden cooktop in the full galley, a large garage storage area, off-road suspension with a 2-inch lift, all-terrain tires with a skid plate, and front and rear winches.

This extraordinary van is not just about the innovative Skyloft rooftop camper but also about its interior, where heated floors, handcrafted cabinetry, a hidden induction cooktop, a sleek wet bath, and a roomy rear lounge create a luxurious atmosphere. The Skyloft Van is built for rugged expeditions while ensuring an ultra-luxe experience at every turn.

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