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Mio Space Camper

Kworks, the renowned Japanese RV manufacturer, has partnered with Lixil, a Japanese home goods company, to introduce the Mio Space trailer. This architecturally intriguing trailer reimagines the concept of furnished camping trailers, offering owners a blank canvas for customization.

The Mio Space trailer is all about adaptability, designed for both camping and extending your home's boundaries. It seamlessly blurs the line between nature and modern architecture, making it suitable for year-round use, whether in your backyard or the wilderness.

With its expansive windows, wooden paneling, and a flexible interior, the Mio Space trailer is a captivating blend of natural light and modern design. Its open, empty space encourages owners to shape it according to their needs, whether as a camper's retreat or an additional room for their home.

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Tropicfeel Interior
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Oxford Hill interior
Callaway AeroWagon Corvette | Image

Callaway AeroWagon Corvette

Legendary Corvette tuner Callaway Cars will let you order a shooting brake conversion for the C7 Corvette! Named AeroWagon, the unique package is available for the standard Stingray coupe and the Z06 coupe, and gives the Corvette a sleeker look, and the extra cargo space. The conversion is only available for the Corvette’s coupe bodystyle and should the owner wish the process can be reversed. It consists of a single element made from carbon fiber that attaches to ...
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How cool is this? a lock that hides inside your bike! Interlock is a cable lock stowed inside a seatpost, its universal and can be installed on virtually any bike. Simply pull out the cable, and run it through your frame, rear wheel, and bike rack when it comes time to leave your rig outside. When not in use, it is easily hidden and conveniently stored. You never need to remember to carry your lock again! watch the video Learn more from Interlock, or purchase...
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If you´re looking into converting a van into a camper this might be of your interest. The Vanual is a cargo van converted into a living space by filmmaker Zach Both as a way to both live and work anywhere in the country. The van marries both utility with a minimal design, it features a futon bed, a kitchen with a stove, mobile wi-fi, solar panels, and a home theater system. At his personal website, Zack walks you through the DIY process of building a converted camp...
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