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Mercedes Metris Weekender

Van Life lovers rejoice! Mercedes has introduced its first pop up camper van for the US market! The Mercedes Metris Weekender is now up for grabs, the premium German giant brand has a new pop-up van available and it sure does look good and can offer a bit more high end feel for van life fiends. The van comes with a pop up roof that can provide sleep for two, plus on the modular interior you may set the seats down and make an extra 2 people bed too, the front seats are fully reversible so you may use them as comfy couches for the living room when parked, and on the back you may set a counter that can work as a kitchen to prep simple meals and store some gear. The camper is transformed by Driverge Vehicle Innovations and Peace Vans, it features an extra battery plus a series of USB ports and electrical outlets so youíll keep all your gadgets fully charged and itís able to tow up to 5000 pounds of heavy gear. There are also plenty of options to choose from, everything from integrated solar panels to a variety of wrap options and several camping-specfic upgrades. Youíll be able to purchase through regular Benz dealerships so be sure to rush to one and check it out.

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Soho Fixed is a custom bike shop based in Soho-London. Every few weeks they build a custom-designed fixed wheel/single speed road bike and put it up for sale on their site. The bikes are hand-built with quality retro parts and custom-painted. Join their mailing list to be notified when a new bike becomes available....
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Ford Mustang Mach-E | Image

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford have officially revealed the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, a Tesla-fighting SUV. Dont worry folks, the regular Mustang isnít going anywhere. The new Mach-E shares precisely nothing with the existing Mustang except a few styling cues (the bulging fenders, triple-bar taillights and scowling headlights) and the pony logo. The stylish crossover was completely built from the ground up to be a pure electric vehicle, you can choose from  rear-wheel drive (if you s...
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We have posted many cool and useful accessories for carrying stuff on your bike, the 6 pack holder, the Wine Rack, the Seat Barrel Bag, the Challenge Tool Bag, the U-lock Holster,  but none as unusual as this Banana Holder! Made of genuine leather the original accessory is designed to allow riders to safely carry and easily access a banana. You can hang the banana holder on a bike frame as well as your waist belt. Bananas are a natural energy bar, and their hig...
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