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Lander Skateboards

Lander Skateboards, a Los Angeles-based brand that has revolutionized skateboarding with its commitment to sustainability. Crafted by a team of designers, manufacturers, and former professional skateboarders, Lander started by reimagining the classic cruiser skateboard. Their boards are proudly constructed from 100 percent recycled nylon sourced from abandoned ocean fishing nets.

These eye-catching skate decks are made from a proprietary blend of ocean-recycled plastic nylon with glass fiber reinforcement, resulting in a durable and high-performance ride. Injection-molded for a stiff standing platform, the decks feature a distinctive hole pattern and bottom ribs, ensuring long-lasting strength, preventing sagging, and providing stability and speed.

Landers unique hole pattern allows for torsional flex, enabling quick cuts and effortless carving. The brands commitment to sustainability, performance, and quality has led to the development of two new models, the Rio and the Rodeo, co-designed with former pro skaters. These boards address the shortcomings of other injection-molded skateboards, offering a sustainable, high-quality, and enjoyable riding experience.

Grab one directly from Lander, or from Amazon

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Federal Moto BMW R100

Our custom motorbike crush today comes from a small garage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, called Federal Moto. This sharp build ticks all the right boxes, a sleek trimmed-down Cafe Racer that pays tribute to the past. Named "The Five”, the BMW R100 has been stripped to its essentials and fitted with a front fender, mini handlebar switches, leather grips, a airbox hole cover, a headlight capped off with a mesh guard, and a dual-shock setup under the custom leather s...
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Auto Fabrica BMW R80 | Image

Auto Fabrica BMW R80

If something works out well, why not do it again? After huge success with their stunning "Type10” BWR80 conversion, Auto Fabrica took the same formula and applied it to this new build. The "Type 10A” BMW R80 had no radical change in the approach, only a few twists here and there. They designed the subframe narrower in favor of a sportier silhouette, and the originally arched support tubes have been replaced by straight lines. The original tank has been preserved...
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Before the SUV craze, there was the station wagon, and as far back as 1937, Ford’s station wagons were being converted to AWD by Marmon-Herrington. There, at their workshop, the 239 cu. in. flathead V-8 was retained while mated to a Ford truck four-speed manual transmission and a modified rear axle/differential. They also reinforced the chassis, and installed the full-time all-wheel-drive hardware. The cars shipped back to Ford dealers, but at twice the cost of th...
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