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Dragonfly Hyperscooter

The Dragonfly Hyperscooter, the newest iteration of e-mobility, was presented today by personal leisure vehicle manufacturer D-Fly, based in London. Created by a team of award-winning British and American engineers, the Dragonfly provides unmatched stability and control even while negotiating challenging terrain because of its revolutionary full-tilt steering, 4-wheel dual independent damped suspension, and a high-class, stylish design.

By activating all 4 wheels at once, the unique 3-Dimensional Full-Tilt Steering System revolutionizes and makes steering simple. It synchronizes with the riders movements, and when navigating the hazards of the contemporary urban environment, its distinctive broad 4-wheel carbon fiber base gives unmatched stability and safety.

Riding the Dragonfly Hyperscooter, you can comfortably and securely maintain speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h) thanks to its two highly effective 500 W motors pushing a great total peak power of up to 1,650 Watts to all 4 wheels.The Hyperscooter also has the first-ever twin wishbone suspension, full axle articulation, and fully adjustable hydraulic damped spring suspension on all 4 wheels!

The steering display for the Dragonfly is a 3.5-inch color digital screen that displays trip range, light status, trip speed, and battery life. Even onboard riding sounds and spoken guidance are available on the display.

Security is one of the most crucial elements, though. A four-digit pin that displays the complete system can be used by users to lock their electric scooter. An loud alarm alerts the owner if it is tampered with, plus a built-in GPS tracker system will find it if it is stolen.

Two variations of the Dragonfly Hyperscooter are available on the market: the urban DF and the off-road DFX. The DF is made for comfortable cycling around cities or parks. The DFX, on the other hand, is ideal for you if youre searching for an alternative for difficult terrain because it has broader fenders and handguards. Both variants, however, are quick, practical, and make every trip fun. watch the video below

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